Ahhhh.. these bloody debates again.
As a veggie, it’s fair to say that I was *a bit* pissed off when I saw someone on my timeline earlier this week that vegetarian options in restaurants shouldn’t exist cos they should just be vegan instead. Whilst I *kinda* (let’s use this word very loosely) get where they’re coming from, I also absolutely 100% do not. Now, I am not the type of person who thinks that vegans shouldn’t have options either, that’s just not me. In fact, I would advocate that vegans deserve more options on the menu; because they definitely do! BUT, that does not mean that you get to take away our veggie options, nope, nah, not at all.
I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years, and I can proudly say that I have absolutely no intention of becoming vegan any time soon. I have my own reasons and opinions, and I am respectful of vegans who have theirs, but time and time again I find that I cannot just live a vegetarian life.
I find that vegans try to convert me, try to guilt trip me into giving up cheese, and I just ain’t down for it. And, meat eaters, you’re not so innocent either. I am constantly finding meat eaters saying ‘well why aren’t you a vegan then?’, or trying to convert me back to eating meat. Like, for crying out loud, can we just STOP concerning ourselves so much with what other people eat or don’t eat?!
As someone who has experienced an eating disorder in the past (more on that here), I have chosen to follow the vegetarian lifestyle because I am, personally, not okay with eating meat, but I do not wish to restrict my life too much, because I am not okay with that either. I don’t like meat, so I don’t eat it, and I also avoid gelatine because that doesn’t sit well with me either, but I do enjoy eating cheese, I’ll have the odd milkshake here and there, and I also eat eggs. And that’s okay with me; they are my own decisions.
I mean, why are we not allowed to make our own decisions?
I, personally, do not judge vegans, nor do I judge meat eaters, because their decisions don’t really affect me. And I’d appreciate the same respect back, but us veggies just don’t get it.
And why do people constantly see vegetarianism as a transition phase into becoming vegan? Repeat after me; IT. IS. NOT.
Being vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, just as much as being vegan or eating meat is, and it ought to be respected as one. It is not just a phase or a period of time, it is a LEGIT lifestyle, so stop the bullsh*t.
Why do we have to be on way or the other? Vegan or meat-eating? Why can’t we just make the decision that is best for us and get on with it?
Honestly, it’s so exhausting.
If I want to eat MEAT FREE in a restaurant with CHEESE, why should I not be entitled to my own personal choice? Honestly, this is just madness.
I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, pushing vegans do not make me want to become a vegan in the slightest. I know that most of the vegan community is lovely and helpful, but the ones that keep pushing their lifestyle onto others really are giving them a bad rep.
I vote that we have equal menu options for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans alike; we have all made a lifestyle decision based on what we feel is best for us, and we should be allowed to have personally made that decision without being policed by someone else’s lifestyle choices.
H x