Hello!! This is a post I’m a little scared to write if I’m honest, but it’s also a post full of things that I have just got to get off of my chest. 
I. Am. Proud. To. Be. A. Small. Blogger. 
All too often in the blogosphere, smaller bloggers are regarded pretty harshly! Some people have been in the game for such a long time, and sometimes smaller, newer bloggers make mistakes. The bigger, older bloggers (excuse the adjectives) tend to quickly jump on the mistakes of the newer ones and turn it into a ‘drama’. This is in no way saying that they all do, because they don’t. Some of the bloggers with larger followings are the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, but there is also a few cliques of bloggers with a pretty large audience who can be preeeeetty nasty.
For example, I’m new. I’ve had this blog for less than a year. When I started, I didn’t know what a follow link was. I thought using bots was the only way to grow an Instagram following. And I sure as hell didn’t know how to create a ‘media kit’. To be a blogger, I thought you simply needed passion and a computer. Ultimately, you do, that’s what blogging is. But I joined a community that already had a list of rules, rules I had to learn the hard way. 
Don’t send autodms on twitter, you’ll be ridiculed! Found this out the hard way. 
Don’t include do follow links in a post! Found this out the hard way. 
And don’t you dare challenge someone with a large following, their ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ will attack you! Found this out the hard way. 
I did not join this community to follow rules. And I sure as hell did not join this community to be ridiculed, humiliated and made to feel small by people who feel they can because they’ve got a 10,000+ following online. 
All too often, smaller bloggers are referred to as ‘micro influencers’. But, all too often, I trust the opinions on products of my friends who are smaller bloggers over those who ‘call out’ others and are mean to them online, wouldn’t you? 
I’m proud to be a smaller blogger because I don’t have ‘fans’ or even ‘followers’, I have friends and that’s something I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. So, I’m sorry if my newness and the size of my audience makes you think that you can alienate me for my mistakes, but it does not. And I won’t be taking it anymore. 
Thanks for reading!
Again, I just wanted to say that I in no way whatsoever am applying this to all bloggers with a large following. I love and adore so many bloggers with larger followings, but, unfortunately, a few have really upset me recently and this is who this post is aimed at. I will not name and shame, because that would make me just as bad as them, but I wanted to speak up so that other smaller bloggers do not think they have to just accept the nastiness just because that person has a larger following. Being mean is never okay. Spread kindness around like confetti, always.