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Why I’m Happy To Be Getting Married ‘Young’

*Spoiler: it’s not so that I look ‘better’ in my wedding dress*

When I tell people that I’m getting married, I get a mixture of reactions. They’re mostly positive, but I can tell that there’s always something else there. When people my age reply with “oh great! I couldn’t imagine getting married at this age” or “I’m not ready to get married yet”, I always feel like there’s a slight tone of judgement underneath the smile. There very well might not be, it might just be my personal worry coming out.

But so many people ask me why or what my parents said or jokingly ask me if I’m pregnant, and it’s a bit rude to be honest. In fact, at one point I was so sick of explaining myself that I stopped mentioning it. Not because I didn’t want people to know, I did and I do, I want to shout it from the rooftops, but that’s slightly dampened by the questions and judge-y looks and I didn’t want it to be. If they asked, I’d tell them, but I wouldn’t just come out with it in conversation.

And that’s quite sad, really, because I am over the moon and couldn’t be happier to be marrying Zack. But I think people just wonder why we didn’t wait a few years like most people do and, to that I say, because we didn’t want to.

Zack and I have been together for 7 years this October, and what a 7 years it has been. We’ve seen and supported each other through the worst possible and best possible times. We’ve experienced distance further than most married couples I know. We’ve honestly had a ride, and it’s been fun and crazy and amazing and I wouldn’t change it because it’s gotten us to where we are now, but I’m not going to lie and say that it’s been easy.

We got engaged (or rather Zack proposed, it was a surprise!) because we wanted to. We’d spoken about it a few times because we really wanted that next tier of commitment in our relationship for ourselves, and we agreed to have a longer engagement than most. For us, getting engaged wasn’t simply so that we could get married, it was just a step that felt right to us at the time and has felt right every day since.

We didn’t start thinking about a wedding until last year, almost a year into our engagement. And, we only started to think about it then because Zack is coming to the end of his contract with work. Zack’s job is something that I don’t talk about much on here, but something that has been a really big part of our relationship’s journey for the last 4 years. Maybe I’ll talk about it in detail one day, but today is not that day.

Anyway, so Zack’s coming to the end of this contract which is really quite a significant step in our lives. We’ve been apart and long distance for the last 4 years and will continue to be until 2020, and so 2020 is going to be a big year for us. We wanted to mark that occasion with something big and celebratory of our relationship, and a wedding just seemed right!

Plus, we want to go travelling, and I want to do that as a married couple. I’ve waited 7 years so far to become Zack’s wife, and I don’t want to keep waiting. 

I understand that other people might think it’s weird or have opinions, but I’d ask you to please reserve those opinions unless you know us well. Zack and I have made a decision to solidify our relationship with a piece of paper because that’s what we want to do, and there’s nothing more to it.

So, I’m happy to be saying that I’ll be getting married at the age of 22. It’s a year older than my mum was, and two years older than my nan, and no one batted an eye at the seriousness of their relationships! 

Marriage isn’t for everyone, but I know that it’s for me. If you’re over the age of 18, I don’t see an issue with you getting married if you know that it’s right for you. It’s your choice and your personal decision, so don’t be afraid to make the right one for you.


H x

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