Why I Left Instagram Pods

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! If I’m honest, this is a post that I’ve been thinking about writing for quite a while, but I kept putting it off and off. Mainly because an article about Instagram pods recently didn’t go down too well, but that was a very negative, and direct article, and I’m not about that. Instead, I just wanted to write this to share my experience with the famous/infamous comment pod. If you didn’t know, an Instagram pod is essentially where you form a little group chat and let the others know when you have posted, for them to go and show you some love. Okay, let’s go!
Ok, I’d first like to weigh in on the debate as to whether growth by comment pod is organic or not. In my opinion, it is. That’s because the people who I created pods with were often my friends, or people whom I quickly became friends with. I would have liked/commented on these peoples posts anyway, but the new algorithm meant that I would have to go searching for their posts specifically, meaning the engagement I could offer them wouldn’t be very recent as it would be likely that I’d go searching for them once a week at the most, so I’d splurge likes and comments on their posts all at once rather than the time at which they posted it. For this reason, comment pods were originally very handy for me, as it meant I could see and engage with posts from people who I am friends with and whose content I love!
However, I then began to join Instagram pods with people that I didn’t know. I was enticed by the idea of more and more likes, and it all got too much to handle very quickly. At my peak, I was in around 9 comment pods. With around 10 people in each of these, who post roughly twice a day, I quickly had to contend with around 180 posts a day! I felt like I was constantly falling behind. No one put pressure on me to keep up specifically, but I, myself,  felt absolutely horrible and guilty if I missed a few people’s posts. Something so little, and trivial, began to really get me down.
As well as falling behind, I also started to notice that a lot of my engagement wasn’t organic anymore. Rather than enhancing my engagement like I had originally set out to do, the 90 people in my pods began to be my only engagement, or the main bulk of it anyway. In a weird way, this was really de-motivating for me as I felt like I was putting so much effort into my content, but the only thing that I was getting back was engagement from those who sort of had to engage with my posts, and it made me fall out of love with Instagram.
So, fearing for my growth and engagement, but unable to continue feeling the way I felt, I decided to remove myself from all of my pods. I sent a quick message of love to those who had supported me, but hastily exited before anyone had the chance to really ask me why. I guess I was a little ashamed to say that something as trivial as Instagram had caused me so much stress!
And, now I’m writing this post. Almost to explain myself, but also to maybe make others feel as though they don’t HAVE to stay in a pod if it’s making them unhappy, even if their friends are in it.
Now my growth is not as good as it was, but I feel like it’s mine a little more. Plus, I can still keep up with the content I love from my friends without feeling pressured to, and I’m back to loving Instagram again!
Thank you so much for reading this post! Have you ever been in an Instagram comment pod? What was your experience with it? Let me know in the comments!
H x

9 thoughts on “Why I Left Instagram Pods

  1. Thanks for sharing your honest experiences, Hayley! I was a member of two Insta pods but I never really participated that much (oops)! It makes me happy when I do get a comment or two because at least I know that the comment I’ve received is an organic one by someone who has actually enjoyed the photo / responded to the caption, rather than someone who feels obliged to say anything! The algorithm makes Insta so hard that I’m basically just posting for my own enjoyment these days!
    Abbey 🐬

  2. I’m glad you wrote about your experience and thoughts on Instagram pods!
    It can be quite overwhelming when you haven’t posted for a while and yet people are posting 2x a day and you don’t want to fall behind. But sometimes you need a day off. A break. I often just tell the group sometimes that I needed a couple of days to myself and I’ll start commenting again from that particular day forward (but I do feel really guilty & bad, so I know what you mean)!
    I’m all for insta pods and I do agree that it is organic growth too! I don’t know why people always slate them!
    Great post, as always darling!
    Charlene McElhinney

  3. Oh wow, 9 pods?! I can’t even imagine trying to keep up with that! I’ve never been in an Instagram pod – I feel like Instagram is definitely at the bottom of my priority list to keep engaged with. I love our Twitter one though! <3

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