My 21st birthday this year marked a solid 5 years of being vegetarian, and I haven’t looked back once. Those echoes of ‘she won’t last long!’, ‘she’ll cave for a KFC!’ and ‘it’s just a phase!’ are now rather distant and quiet, and I am proud to say that I have adjusted to my dietary choice v v well.

In the 5 years that I’ve been a veggie, I have also witnessed a lot of change in terms of option availability. Lemme tell you, after 2 1/2 years of eating a veggie lasagne every time I went out for a meal (seriously) I am more than grateful for so many great brands getting onboard and giving us veggies more options!

So, when one of my favourite brands that has boarded the veggie sweet train, Haribo* asked me if they could send some veggie sweet treats to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, how could I ever say no?!

I have been the biggest fan of their Funny Mix basically since my local shop started selling it. It has been my saviour through many late night revision sessions, friendship breakups and hard days, and I have made a dash to the shop in my pjs more than once to get hold of the delicious veggie sweetness!

So, when I heard that they have extended their range, I couldn’t wait to give them a try!

I have also got a post up on instagram as well as an IGTV video taste-testing these, so if you wanna see that head here.

The Existing Range

Haribo Giant Strawbs

I feel like strawbs are those things that everyone just loves, because they’re so delicious! Such a reliable favourite.

Spaghetti Zing

I had never actually tried this one before today, but I had demolished the pack before I even started writing this post so I feel like that tells you something. I was worried that the ‘zing’ would be too much for me at first, but it is well-balanced with the strawberry flavour and I am a fan.

Rainbow Spaghetti Zing

These ones are probably my least favourite of the bunch. They are still delicious, but the zing is a bit much for me! The fruit taste of these is very authentic though, and I can see them being someone else’s favourite.

The New Additions

Haribo Strawbs Gone Mini

Who doesn’t love a strawb?! These ones are uber convenient because they could fit in your lunch box, and their smaller size makes them easier to chew!

Haribo Funny Mix

The old favourite of mine- re-vamped! Gone are the stars and new are the ice-creams, which are blackcurrant and lemon flavoured! I’ve got to say, I do prefer these to the way they were before. The ice-cream goes really well with the strawbs and cola bottles in the pack, and is definitely an improvement – still my favourites!

Haribo Jelly Beans

Urm hello beautiful pastel colours and delicious flavours! These are definitely gonna be a permanent addition to my shopping list, they are so yummy and I love that they’re kinda soft in the middle so not too chewy!

So, what do you fancy giving a go out of these? My favourites are definitely the funny mix and jelly beans!

This post features gifted products from Haribo. For more information, please see my disclaimer.