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When Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Goes Wrong

I like to try to be positive and uplifting on this blog. I like to write posts that make me feel empowered and optimistic, but I also endeavour to be 100% honest at all times. And, on this occasion, those two simply don’t go hand in hand.

So, I’ve gone for the honest approach.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a lot recently. I’ve joined the gym and started going to classes, I’ve accepted work opportunities that I would usually shy away from, and I’ve attended more events than ever before.

And, it’s been a scary time. But, I managed to push passed that and attend everything that I could. 

Most of these were incredibly positive experiences. They made me feel inspired, uplifted and glad that I accepted/attended. But, unfortunately, they were not all as positive as I’d have liked. 

One event, in particular, really knocked my confidence. The environment was intimidating rather than friendly, and the organisers seemed to only actually care about you if you were an ‘instagram influencer’ with 25k+ followers.

I mean, I get it. I get that from a PR point of view, they have more followers. More followers simply equals more exposure.

A few of the ‘influencers’ at this event, unfortunately, seemed to have the same attitude, and it created a sour and awkward atmosphere all around.

But, more followers does not mean more value as a person. And, after a few hours of being sidelined for or by these people, I headed home and cried the whole journey.

It’s not even that I felt sorry for myself, it’s more that I started to regret pushing myself at all. This experience knocked me back. And, to be honest, I didn’t want to attend the rest of the events that I had lined up for that week.

But, I did.

I did because I didn’t want to have to retire to my room and never leave again. I wanted a positive to come out of this.

And, luckily, it did.

The positive being that the occasions afterwards were much friendlier and kinder. But, I know for sure that if they hadn’t have been, I’d have been really upset.

So, what do we do when stepping out of our comfort zone goes wrong?

There’s a lot of encouragement around taking chances and a ‘leap of faith’, but there’s little acknowledgment that those things don’t always work out. I mean, it must have happened to everyone at least once in their lives. So why don’t we speak about it?

It’s completely okay for things to go wrong. And it can set you back, and make you feel really crap sometimes. But, that’s normal.

If these things were easy, then they wouldn’t be out of your comfort zone in the first place. But, the fear of things going wrong doesn’t mean that you should give up, does it? Or, even, things going wrong; they don’t mean that either.

The way I see it, if I’d have given up after that experience, then I simply wouldn’t have had all of the other good experiences that I did that week.

So, if you try something and it goes wrong, don’t give up. Take a break, if you need to, take time to recover, and then kick ass again. If I can do it, anyone can.

I guess that this did turn into a preachy positive post, after all.


H x

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