What's In My Uni Bag?

Hello there! I’ve never done one of these types of post before, but I have a pretty good system for packing my uni bag at the moment so I thought I would share it.
In my uni bag I have: 

  • My purse- obviously for buying things like food!

  • My pencil case
  • A spare pen- separate from my pencil case just in case I forget it, wouldn’t want to sit through an hour lecture unable to take any notes whatsoever!
  • A pack of mints- sometimes I forget to eat and get a bit shaky, these help up my sugar level quickly or maybe even help rid of my coffee breath! 
  • Student ID- another essential
  • A book- in case I get bored or get a spare minute to read. 
  • My Academic planner- for writing down any work/assessment dates. 
  • A lip balm- to rid of chapped lips! (Or a Lancôme Juicy Shaker!)

  • A bottle of water- got to stay hydrated, especially when going to the library! 
  • Fab Little Bag!* For discreet tampon disposal!

As always,
Thanks for reading!
H X 

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