Hello there!
Today’s post is all about how to get yourself out of a slum. Down days are something I often have for an array of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. They tend to limit my productivity which is annoying and inconvenient, so I’ve started to find ways in which I can cheer myself up a little and perform my daily tasks. I hope these help you too!

  1. Go For A Walk.

The phrase that has become infamous on twitter. Walks don’t solve everything. They don’t eradicate mental health issues or miraculously cure diseases, but they can help to clear your head and make you feel a little calmer. Exercise in general helps me a lot when I’m feeling down, so I always push myself to go for a little walk if I feel up to it. 
2. Eat A Healthy Meal. 
Now, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a health advocate. Nor am I clued up as to the science of healthy food. But what I do know is that when I’m having a down day, all I want to do is eat rubbish. Not literally, metaphorically of course. But this often leads me to feeling so so so much worse. Sometimes your body does need junk food, but healthy food can also make you feel just as good. Try the healthy food first. If all else fails, you can still have the bar of dairy milk in your cupboard!
3. Have a little nap
No more than 20 minutes, that’s my ultimate rule!! Naps often help me when I’m feeling super down. If I have a 20 minute nap, I often can wake up and almost begin the day again. I swear by them!
4. Make Yourself A Nice Hot Drink
Although I do love a good old Yorkshire tea or a cup of coffee, I find that green teas really give me the boost I need when I’m not feeling great. Plus they’re a healthier option, win win!
Or you could have a little hot chocolate 😏
5. If all else fails, Take A Break. 
We all need a little break every once and a while. If you really cannot get yourself out of a slum, stick your pj’s on, grab the Ben and jerrys and spend the day watching Netflix. It’s not shameful, and we all need it sometimes. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. 
H x