In case you haven’t guessed by the title, I am really stuck for what to write about right now. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write about how to overcome not knowing what to write about, that way it helps me, creates content and maybe even helps you, whatever it is that you’re trying to write! Ok so here goes..

  • Look For Inspiration

Always my first port-of-call, whatever you’re trying to write, coursework, essays, assignments, blog posts, someone will have written something similar and put it on the internet. Browse and read and you’ll find yourself responding to what they said in your head. You may agree with what they said, it may make you angry and want to respond, but it WILL make you think of something, even if it just helps you to create a plan but not actually write anything.

  • Have a Cup Of Tea

Or any other relaxing beverage you may desire. Forgot about the work for a little while and just let your brain rest, you’ll find that afterwards you will feel so much better and ready to write!

  • Read Something

To focus on something else entirely. If you are really stuck, you need to refocus your mind in order to be able to proceed!

  • Go For A Walk

To relax, to clear your mind, to actually get out of your room, just take a walk.

  • Leave It Until Tomorrow

If you are, ultimately, really stuck, just leave it until tomorrow. Any writing is a creative process and you cannot force it without sounding like an ape churning out cliches, just leave it until tomorrow.
As always, thanks for reading!
Lots of Love,
H x