What is a blogger? A guide for dummies.

I didn’t want to write this post, I didn’t want to have to justify myself or this industry that I love. But, I’m also bloody sick to death of reading tweets about how ‘irrelevant’ influencers are, or how ‘entitled’ we think we are. I’m sick of being ridiculed and harassed because I have a space on the internet where I enjoy to share my feelings. So think of this as a celebration of us, and our achievements, rather than a justification.
Ok, first thing’s first, bloggers/influencers have power.
Whether you like it or not, they do.
The reason that they have this power is that people want to follow them. They come to trust their opinions, and they relate to them. In an age where celebrities are put on a pedestal, bloggers are more relatable. They’re people just like you who are choosing to share their opinions and likes and dislikes.
Are we in it for the free stuff? I very much doubt it. Blogging takes time, effort and commitment; and bloody hell you wouldn’t last very long if you were simply in it for ‘free stuff’. Most of us work for years before we get a collaboration, honestly.
And we, as bloggers, ourselves, try to protect our industry from those who are in it purely for the ‘free stuff’. We point out who’s bought their following because we CARE about the legitimacy of our industry as well as the brands being fooled by these artificial ‘techniques’.
Why is our influence important? Because many of us discuss important, real life themes such as smear tests and registering to vote and disability awareness and racism and many, many other things.
And, even if we don’t tackle such hard-hitting topics, a lipstick review still has influence. It tells the consumer what to expect from a product, as well as letting the brand know any flaws with said product. A WIN WIN SITUATION.
Do we set out to do this for the money or for the ‘free stuff’? Definitely not! Majority of us started our blogs because we want to write, and we’ve slowly grown our own (organic) audiences of people who want to read!
Do we think that you should place us on a pedestal? Definitely not. We are still normal people, living normal lives. Just because we have a few thousand followers does NOT mean that we think highly of ourselves!
So please, put down your weapons. If you do not like influencers or bloggers, that’s absolutely bloody fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. But to spend your days verbally abusing them and ridiculing them on Twitter is NOT okay. Whether you like it or not, blogging is a real job for some people and they are entitled to go about their daily lives without being constantly sent abuse.
Bloggers have made this industry all on their own. You don’t have to agree with it, but please respect it by getting on with your life without sending us abuse.
Thank you,
Have a nice evening 😊.
H x

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