What I Have Learnt From Blogging For Two Months

So, yesterday was the 2 month anniversary of my blog, I can’t believe how fast the time has passed! And, whilst I know I’m hardly a huge influence, I am proud of all I have learnt these last two months. So, I decided to document this for myself, fellow new bloggers, people thinking of starting a blog or even more established bloggers who want to reminisce!
Twitter is your most valuable tool
Twitter has 100% been of the greatest value to me over the last two months! As well as helping in promoting your blog, Twitter also allows you to connect with other bloggers and brands, which really helps you to build up a community of useful people and new friends!
Twitter blogger chats exist
I didn’t know this. These last two months I have absolutely loved getting involved in blogger chats where possible and really love the tips and advice I have gained.
PR opportunities also exist
Although I’ve only been blogging for two months, I have had one successful PR opportunity and been asked by 2 other companies, which haven’t really been followed up but oh well! I cannot believe that brands are already interested in what I am doing but I couldn’t be more grateful!
Blog photos are a pain in the arse
My least favourite thing about blogging at the moment has to be the photography. I have been having an absolute nightmare trying to take cool pictures on my iPhone and I have had oh so many problems with photographs not showing up for people when they actually visit my blog. Photographs just haven’t been my strong point so far.
But writing blog posts is so quick and easy when you are inspired!
I try never to churn out a blog when I’m not in the mood. Instead, I schedule and draft posts when I do feel like it! That way I always feel like my blog content is inspired and actually worth reading, rather than just there because I needed to post something new.
It’s ok to schedule tweets
Part of being a blogger, inevitably, is being incredibly active on social media! Whilst I do try to do this as often as possible, I realise that sometimes there are days where being incredibly active, or even active at all, is simply not possible! At first, I used to feel bad about scheduling tweets as I felt like I was lying to my followers. However, I’m ok with this now. If I’m busy, I like to schedule tweets to go up throughout the day about what I’m doing and any new posts ect. There is no reason to feel bad or guilty for that, if anything it shows you care about being active for your followers!
Blogging outside isn’t nearly as easy, or glamorous, as it sounds
Laptops overheat. Laptops die. Laptop screens are reflective. Just really ain’t so easy.
Your Blog doesn’t have to be perfect
Everyone starts somewhere. So don’t feel bad if someone with 4,000 followers seems to have better posts or photography than you, they started somewhere too!
As always, thank you so much for reading! I am so grateful for the opportunities and friends that blogging has already brought me and cannot wait to continue to make exciting content for you!
Hi there! I’m a new UK blogger who likes to blog about a little bit of everything! You can find me on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter @LifeThroughTSG for regular updates and you can follow me on here for notifications when I post a new post too! Hope to see you here again! 

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  1. Congrats on 2 months blogging! I think that Twitter is honestly the best tool as I’ve discovered some great blogs and bloggers through it and you can connect with so many people! xx

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