Read my start of second year update here.
I (just about) managed to completed second year at university, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s over.
The jump between first year and second was, like, hugeeee and I feel like no-one really prepared me for it. I definitely wasn’t expecting the big jump this year, and I felt a little unbalanced for basically the whole of my first term.
And, then, I felt unbalanced for my second term because of the strikes too, *sigh*.
So, yeah, this year has been a funny one. I’ve worked harder than ever and I’m pretty happy with the grades so far, although I am still waiting for 3 of my final module results. I’ve also started to think more about the future so, perhaps, I’ll know what I want to do with my life sometime soon (or not, which is totally okay too).
I got all of my first choice third year modules and my dissertation proposal has been approved, so it’s looking up. To be honest, I’m trying to just put second year behind me and focus on third year now.
Second year brought many problems with where I live and whom I live with; and it was a bit shit to be honest. I don’t think you actually realise how much being unhappy where you live can affect your entire life; but it really is all-consuming.
We’ve been outright lied to by landlords, had people leave, had people kicked out, and everything else you can imagine, and it’s just been so unnecessarily stressful.
But, there are positives that I’ve achieved this year. I’ve made new friends, particularly on my course, and gained the confidence to just chat to the people that I like- and it’s made a big difference for me!
I no longer dread going to uni and sitting alone, so that’s good.
I’ve also quite enjoyed a lot of my modules this year. I mean, I hated one of them, but I’ve enjoyed the other 5 so that’s not bad going at all! My last exam was a little weird so I’m not too sure how it really went, but I’m going to forget about it for a little while and try to enjoy summer.
So far, I have 2 2.1s and 1 first under my belt, and I’ll let you know my other results when I get them.
I feel calm and prepared to enter my third year. I am excited for my dissertation, and I’m looking forward to a quieter timetable with more specialist subjects next year. I actually feel quite ready for third year; and, even though it has gone quickly, I also feel ready for my university journey to be coming to an end.
It’s been very eventful so far, but I’ve only got one year left now and I’m fairly confident (for the first time) that I can do this.
H x