University: Expectations Vs Reality

Hello there! Today I’m gonna bust some of the uni myths for you all, and some expectations that I had before I came here. Although this will be from personal experience, I’m hoping it’s relatable so you can learn what to expect or have a little giggle if these things have happened to you. Ok, let’s go…
1. Partying all of the time 
I’ll be honest, this is pretty personal as it depends completely on what you like. However I definitely do not party all of the time. I don’t have time to with uni work etc, and I definitely couldn’t afford to! Sorry…
2. Lectures are really informative and useful
Most of my lectures are, but there’s around 2/3 every term that are just rubbish. They don’t tell you anything and you don’t learn from them. I don’t know why it happens, but from talking to my friends on different courses it seems to happen to us all. 
3. University is really intense study 
I have 8 hours a week on my timetable, which is hardly intense. There are moments when it’s very intense and very stressful, but there are also moments when you get to chill, don’t worry. 
4. You’ll make 100s of life long friends 
I’ve made lots of friends at university and there will be a few that will be life long, but everyone you meet definitely will not be. People don’t tend to show their true colours until a few weeks in so don’t be too disappointed if all of your friendships don’t work out. 
5. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing
What I’ve learnt the most from university is that pretty much everyone I know is winging it. First year modules don’t count towards our final degree so we’re all kind of using the year to find out what’s good and what’s not, so essays are very experimental. 
6. You’ll be completely mature and independent
Yeah.. I’ve matured a lot since I have come here but university and moving away has also taught me how important support systems are. You still need your family and you still need your old friends sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
7. You’ll sit with a sunny lawn with your friends and study 
Oh-so-prospectus. This hasn’t happened to me yet. From my experience, my friends prefer to study at 2am hyped on redbull when the deadline is just a few days away, not quite the sunny picture you’re sold!
8. You’ll have the best time of your life
I mean, you might, you might not. I love uni but I’m hoping my life has a little more to offer than this, like travelling or having children etc. 
9. You have to be really clever to succeed
Again, from my experience, you definitely do not. The people who succeed at uni are the ones who put the work in, don’t be fooled into resting on your intelligence to get you the grades. 
10. You won’t fit in. 
Everyone fits in somewhere at university. I honestly don’t know one person who just doesn’t fit in. The student body at university is huge and there’s something for everyone!
That’s it for today’s post, let me know if you would add anymore to this list in the comments!
Thanks for reading,
Love H x

2 thoughts on “University: Expectations Vs Reality

  1. I definitely agree that expecting to make loads and loads of lifelong friends at uni is not really realistic – plenty of people have come in and out of my life throughout uni and I’ve been really grateful for the lovely ones that stayed! The intensity of the work very much depends on where and what you study though, I had an essay a week every week (no reading weeks!) and three language translations per week throughout the entirety of my undergrad degree! Thank you for sharing, this was a super relatable post!
    Abbey 😘

  2. Totally agree with these! Especially number 4, it took me a while to see people’s true colours and now that I see them, it’s easy to see who I can cut from my life! Also the lecture thing is true too, a few of mine have actually been a repeat of the same thing for like 4 lectures running. Definitely a very relatable post which I loved reading!
    – Chloe

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