Transitioning Into Spring; Look Book in Collaboration with Blackbetty! *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*

Hello, hello, hello!
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand called Blackbetty, who I’d actually never heard of before! They kindly offered to give me a gift card to spend on their site in exchange for a post, so I thought why not pick up some spring-themed items ready for the transition?
If you’re just here for the discount code, I’ll get that outta the way right now. Use code ‘Life20’ for 20% off at the checkout (HERE), and happy shopping!
Now, without furtherado, let’s get into this post.
How it works
Ok, so Blackbetty actually get new stock daily, which is really great as there is always something new on their site! But, you have to be quick, Blackbetty grabs the excess inventory that fashion brands have (the over stock) to sell at discounted prices for one day only!
They don’t actually tell you what the brand is of the product that you’re buying, as that’s part of their deal with the brands. But, they do tell you how much the product should’ve cost and the percentage by which it is discounted, ranging from 70% to 90% off the original retail price!
And, when you open your package, you get to see what brands you’ve purchased from! I actually really like the element of surprise that this has!
You can also ‘sneak peek’ the next day’s stock a few hours before it launches, and add it to your Wishlist ready for the products to go live!
I actually really like this system!  It certainly adds an element of excitement and mystery to online shopping, and it’s always fun to grab a bargain! Whilst some of the clothes on the site aren’t my particular style, I have checked back for the last 5 days and found that their daily stock is always varied, so there’s always a lot of different styles covered each day, which I really appreciate!
I raved about this site that much to Zack that he asked if they do menswear! Unfortunately, it seems to just be women’s wear at the moment, but it would be great to see where this brand idea could grow and go!
The only thing that I initially am not a fan of is that each item has it’s own delivery cost. I mean, it makes sense, but be warned that this can make your delivery costs a little higher than usual for an order! But, as the clothes are such a bargain, this can definitely be forgiven.
The Items
As I said, I tried to choose items that I could wear in the transition between winter and spring, when it’s a little chilly still but you wanna look cute! So, I chose the following four items;
Spotty Dress with Frill
Ok, so I knew that this item was a little bit of a risk. These kinds of dresses are usually made from a beautiful floaty material which unfortunately has 0 stretch, meaning that it cannot accommodate my chest area. But, this dress was just too cute to pass on! Plus, at £6.95 down from £57.99, I was just too intrigued by this dress!
I am sad to say that I was right about the chest area. Although this definitely isn’t the tightest that I’ve ever had, it does give me a serious case of the uni-boob. However, I knew the risk that I was taking originally and this dress is made from an absolutely gorgeous material, and I can appreciate how lovely it must look on someone who it fits! The quality of this is lovely too, and I love how the straps tie so they’re adjustable!
Striped Red Bardot Top
How cute is this?! And, for only £4.95, I couldn’t pass on this super cute top that’s sure to become a staple basic in my wardrobe this Spring.
This top certainly did not disappoint! It’s stretchy and comfy, and it’s certainly going to be perfect for spring and summer!
Pleated Maxi Skirt
I absolutely love a good, floaty midi skirt for spring, and this one looked super cute! I also thought that it would go really nicely with the red Bardot top, as blue, red and white combos are everywhere this Spring! And, for £4.95 instead of £38.99, how could you say no?
And this skirt is my favourite item by far! The quality is incredible, and it looks so beautiful on! I also haven’t seen many items like this around the high street, so I think it’s quite unique. I cannot wait to wear this out and about this spring!
Pastel Blue Dress
I love how 60s this looks, and it was one of the first items that I saw on the site but yet kept going back to. I don’t know what it is about this dress, but I just really love it! And this one should’ve been £26.99, yet I got it for £5!
Okay, maybe I should’ve sized down in this dress. It’s a little baggy, but I love the colour still and the material is great and stretchy, very comfy indeed! This should have come with a belt but, unfortunately, this was missing from the delivery. However, these things happen and this gave me a great chance to test out their customer service and they speedily apologised and offered me a 50% off code, absolutely brilliant!
Overall Review
Okay, so we have quite a mixed bag of items, but overall I am very impressed. All of the items are good quality, and the sizing errors are my own fault, not that of the company. BlackBetty certainly delivers when it comes to quality clothing for less, and they have definitely changed the game for me! Next time I am online shopping, I’ll definitely be having a browse of BlackBetty for a few good quality, staple pieces at bargain prices!
So, there we have it! Have you ever heard of Blackbetty before? What do you think of my looks? Let me know in the comments! And, don’t forget, you can use code ‘Life20’ for 20% off at the checkout!
Thank you so much to Blackbetty for collaborating with me on this post, and thank you for reading!
H x

The items in this post were gifted to me in exchange for this review. For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

15 thoughts on “Transitioning Into Spring; Look Book in Collaboration with Blackbetty! *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*

  1. Love this post! Fab photos as always. I was also approached by Black betty to work with them but unfortunately couldn’t as they don’t ship to Ireland. I love their stuff though and the set up of their website. Delighted that you got to work with them. My fave of your items has to be the blue dress, gorgeous!! Love how honest your reviews are. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looking gorgeous Hayley! 😍😍 Not heard of BlackBetty before but i will be checking them out for sure! Loving the blue dress babe very Spring!!
    Thanks for the code too every little helps!!
    Love me xoxo

  3. Wow, I’ve not heard of this site before either but you got some absolutely gorgeous pieces at a bargain price. I love that Bardot top, it’s right up my street, as is the pale blue dress. I need to do some holiday shopping so I’ll be heading over for a good look around after this – thank you for the recommendation and discount code!
    Lisa |

  4. You look just lovely in all of these photos! I must say that the pastel blue really works well on you, although you think that it looks a bit big, I think you’re really rocking the oversize style, especially with that belt emphasizing your tiny waist! I’m really loving red and white stripes right now, so the T-shirt that you picked up is right up my alley! I splurged on a few red and white stripe tops in Primark the other day and I’m loving wearing them all! I’ve never heard of this clothing brand before, but based on this review, I will certainly be checking them out!
    Abbey xx

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