In recent years, festivals have become more and more popular amongst young adults (such as me!) yet I haven’t really come across a lot of advice for what to actually take to them. So I’ve compiled a top ten list to hopefully help others, as well as myself, remember the top ten items that I deem Festival Essentials.
As things often get ruined at festivals, a lot of the items I am taking this year are from Primark. I 100% advise shopping in Primark for festival items because they have some really cute items in which are low cost, so you don’t mind them getting ruined or potentially stolen as much!
1. Water
Sounds stupid, but as humans we need to stay hydrated and water is key to that. Whilst you may be under some illusion that all you’re going to drink all weekend is alcohol, you may forget how much you take advantage of the easiness of drinking water at home and forget to pack a few bottles! Although you will, for sure, be able to buy water once you get there is you genuinely do forget, or run out, but I have heard that some festivals like to charge as much as £7 a bottle! And that really is extortionate for such an essential item!
2. Comfy Shoes
Although many brands, such as Boohoo, like to make ‘festival fashion’ an annual category on their website, festivals are not fashion contests. Sure, it would be nice to look nice, but don’t waste those killer shoes that you absolutely love on the mud and dirt of a festival, comfort is key.
 These ones are from Primark and cost me under £10. I love how they’re cropped, the full length ones look weird on my short legs, and they do the job perfectly!

3. Paracetamol
After an amazing night fuelled with alcohol, the last thing you want is a hangover to kill the mood set for the next day! Grab some paracetamol before you go, you never know how much you may need it!
4. A small bag for carrying around essentials

This is the bag I have purchased for this year for V Festival. Although I did want to opt for a bum bag/fanny pack, I saw this adorable little backpack in Primark and was instantly sold! It’s from the YPD section, so is intended for younger girls, but I just found it too adorable to ignore and the straps are more than long enough for an adult. Best part? It was under £10!
Side Note: I would not advise carrying anything of value within such a backpack as backpacks tend to be a thieves dream as you cannot always feel and see what’s going on on your back! I am only intending to use my backpack for items with a low value such as sunglasses, water and suncream. My phone, money and ID card will all be safely on my person where they will be much safer.
5. A Raincoat
If you’re lucky enough to be attending a festival that isn’t in England, you may want to skip this item! Unfortunately for the rest of us, the weather in England is simply unpredictable, even in July and August, so a rain coat is definitely advised. Primark have some really cute ones that can even fold into a little bag. So so so handy for storing on the go and keeping you dry!
6. Suncream
As I said, the weather in England is unpredictable, and the last thing you want is sunburn so bad that it ruins the weekend! Take a small bottle of suncream as a precaution, you never know when you may need it!
7. Dry Shampoo
I don’t know about you, but the idea of sharing showers completely freaks me out! So a bottle of dry shampoo shall keep me content all weekend, and maybe some babywipes!
8. A Change Of Clothes
Again, English weather is unpredictable. The worst thing would be to be stuck in a jumper in short weather or stuck in shorts in jumper weather! Don’t take too much as you may have to carry your bags great distances, but don’t be certain on the weather either, it likes to change so be prepared!
9. A Portable Phone Charger!
Not that I agree you should spend all weekend on your phone, but sometimes phones are necessary for safety and peace of mind! Don’t let your phone die on day 1 and have your poor parents up for the next two days trying to contact you, or even worse, don’t let your phone die and then lose your friends, tents all look very similar!
10. Face Paint/ Glitter
And finally, a little bit more fun! No Festival is complete without some crazy Neon Body Paint or a very glittery face… They’re definitely essential!
Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it!
You can find me on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat @LifeThroughTSG, I appreciate any feedback!
I hope anyone who is attending a festival this year has found this helpful. Have fun, stay safe and don’t get too drunk!
Love Always,