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Third Year Fear

Something that me, and most of my friends, are really feeling at the moment is Third Year Fear. I had absolutely no idea that it was a thing until I started experiencing, but wow. It comes in many different forms in different people. So, continue reading if you fancy a giggle or if you are experiencing the same thing!

The ‘waaaaaaaaaaa I wanna stay at uni’ type

This type of third year fear is probably the most common. University is very much a strange place somewhere in-between the real world and school, and some people really really like that. However, this can lead to a bit of a freak-out when it comes to final year. All of a sudden it hits that you won’t be able to party every night with your housemates for the rest of your life and you get a bit worried and determined to make the most of your final year- but maybe not the most of your actual degree…

The ‘super organised, ready to leave’ type

The type that has a job lined up, has done a gazillion internships over summer, already has their dissertation pretty much done, and is just ready to move on. The rest of us look on with envy at this type, but trust me, they’re freaking out just as much as the rest of us.

The ‘what will be will be’ one

This is the one that I’m being at the moment. I’m TOO chilled about it which is just not like me. But, I guess, this is my own way of freaking out.  I’m just leaving everything in the hands of fate. And, every now and then, I do have a massive freak out. But, for now, I’m concentrating on my degree and leaving the future to the future.

The ‘ignorance is bliss’ type

Leaving uni? Nahhhhhh, I don’t know what you mean! This denial can get a little problematic when graduation rolls around, but at least it’s good for now!

The ‘urmmmm imma do a masters’ one

If you don’t feel ready to leave yet, don’t leave! Further study is always an option, and it means you get to hide from the real world for a little longer.

(In all seriousness, I’m joking. Further study isn’t just because of a want to cling onto uni life, I know that).

Are you experiencing third year fear? Which type do you identify with the most?


H x

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