Photo of the black & white cover of our wedding magazine invitations

(Well, you’re actually not invited. That’s just what I thought I’d call this post because it’s all about the invites. Sorry for any confusion).

So, it’s finally time – we have sent out our invites! Well, we are in the process of sending them out, anyway. And I wanted to write this post to tell you about the suppliers etc that we chose to go with because a lot of them are small businesses and I’m all about supporting them.

So far….

First thing’s first, let’s get you up to speed (apologies if you already know this from my other posts). We are getting married in May next year, we have been planning for almost 2 years so far, and we are getting married in Bath. We are not from Bath and most of our families have never been there before, so we are doing a ‘destination’ type wedding, just in this country. Our wedding is also cinema themed, although kinda loosely but that needs to be said to give this post some context so there we have it. We have quite a lot planned for the wedding so far, but you’ll have to read my other posts to find out more about that because otherwise this post is gonna be the longest ever.

Moving on….

The Invitations

So our invitations actually have two parts to them. The first is these tickets that were actually provided by our ceremony venue as a part of our package. They gave us two designs to choose from and we went for these as they looked more vintage style which is kinda what we are going for, and we are pretty happy with them. We have used these as an insert inside the actual invitations and have written the names of our guests on the back so that they all have their own ticket. These also work really well because our actual invitations are rather large (more on that in a minute) so they function as a little keepsake to stick on your fridge so that our guests hopefully don’t forget about our wedding day.

For the second part of the invitation, we actually planned this a very long time ago. So way back in 2017 my lovely friend Abbey kindly gifted us tickets to the National Wedding Show in Birmingham which I wrote a post about at the time here. At this show, we came across a company called Life Times Mag. These guys specialise in creating high quality magazines of your wedding that that can either be handed out on the day, or sent afterwards as thank yous to the guests.

We got chatting with them and thought it was a lovely idea, but we weren’t sure how it would fit with our wedding day. Then we both had a lightening bolt style moment where we realised that these would be perfect for our invitations. See, as most of our family has not been to Bath before, we have quite a lot of information to share with them including recommended hotels etc. Also at the wedding show, they had a big wheel so we decided to spin and see if we could win a prize. We won 20 free magazine copies, meaning that we only needed to pay for half of the 40 that we required, so we paid a deposit there and then to lock in the 2017 prices.

We then forgot about it for almost 2 years and did loads of other stuff (I do detail more on this in my other posts) until it was time to have our pre-wedding shoot with our lovely photographer Albert Palmer. He took those photos that I’ve been obsessed with sharing on instagram because I just love them all and they seriously exceeded my expectations, and we just knew that they were perfect for our invitations!

So we got back in touch with life times and asked them how to proceed. What really surprised me about the process is how easy and collaborative it is. We literally sent over our photos on an email file, answered some questions and gave our family some questions to answer about us too, and ended up with a beautiful, touching magazine invitation that we will treasure forever.

Is a magazine invitation a little bit extra? Yes. And I know that.

But we have only invited those that are closest to us so hopefully they may want to keep it for years to come too, and it’s a lovely way for us to remember everything that we have overcome in the lead up to this day.


For the RSVPs, we decided to take the convenient, paperless approach. With RSVPify, we simply created our own RSVP website (it sounds harder than it is, trust me). No coding/website knowledge is required; they talk you through it step by step. You can add every detail that you need from a guest for example dietary requirements, and we also added a question asking whether our guests would be interested if we were to hire a minibus for between the venues. The best part? Once you have all of your RSVPs, you can simply download them in a spreadsheet and hand it straight over to your wedding planner/hotel/venue, and all of the admin work has been done for you!

There we go! A little whistle-stop tour of our wedding invites, which I hope has given you some ideas. I’ll include the suppliers that I mentioned below, just in case you want to give them a look.

Suppliers Mentioned

Albert Palmer Photography

Life Times MAG

Little Weddings


Just a little disclaimer, none of these suppliers are actually aware of my blog and did not ask me to mention them or anything like that, I have just loved working with all of them!

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