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The Wedding Diaries; ‘You’ll Want To Lose A Bit Of Weight Before Your Wedding’

TW: weight loss/dieting
Something that I’ve heard time and time again whilst wedding planning (and we’ve been officially planning for less than a year) is

You’ll want to lose a bit of weight before your wedding

And I’ve been told this by an array of people. People who are close to me, random people who think they have the right to have an opinion, and even people that I’ve spoken to about dresses at wedding fairs.
There seems to be some weird misconception that in order to ‘look your best’ for your wedding day, you have to go on a diet or constantly be at the gym. I mean, there’s tops on sale in the highstreet with sayings on like ‘gotta squat before I tie the knot’. Horrible, right?
I’ll not go into how people seem to think that losing weight = looking good in this post, because we would be here until tomorrow and I value my sleep too much for that, but maybe I will write on this at a separate time.
So, first thing’s first, let me just say this:

You don’t have to lose weight for your wedding

There’s no requirement. If you do want to, that’s completely fine. But, if you don’t want to, then that is ok too.
See, it is still your personal choice. When your fiancé (whomever they may be) decided to put a ring on it, they did so because they love you, and that means as you already are. They won’t be expecting you to lose weight before the wedding, because, well, why would they? Would you expect that of them? Of course not!
Losing weight and looking your best have no correlation; you will look your best on your wedding day no matter what because you will (hopefully) be happy that you are marrying the person whom you love, and that will shine through.
But, I completely understand that the sheer peer pressure of the shitty ‘don’t you wanna lose weight before you wed’ comments can really get you down. I’ll be honest, I’m nowhere near my wedding day and they are already getting to me a lot.
Frankly, it’s rude.
If you wouldn’t tell someone to lose weight at any other point in their lives, an engagement ring or them making wedding plans does NOT give you the right to do so either.
Also, and I am saying this as carefully as possible, most of this pressure to lose weight seems to be on the bride, and, again, that is really shitty. I, personally, have cried myself to sleep (already) over people carelessly saying things like this to me, because this pressure is just not okay.

As if planning a wedding wasn’t already stressful enough, this added pressure is just, well, too much.

So, I can say right now in this post, I have no intention of losing weight before my wedding, and I am happy with this decision. I know that my love for Zack will be what shines through on the day, and because of that I am not going to worry how I look.
And, if you’re feeling unnecessary pressure to lose weight for your wedding day, just know that you do not have to. It is not required, and I am sure that you will look incredible no matter what.
And, if you are reading this and you’ve ever said something that I’ve mentioned in this post, maybe this will make you think twice next time.
I also took to twitter to ask for your thoughts on the pressure to lose weight for your wedding day, and here’s what you said:

Call Me Amy shares her thoughts and experience in this post!
What are your thoughts? I’d love to know in the comments!
H x

7 thoughts on “The Wedding Diaries; ‘You’ll Want To Lose A Bit Of Weight Before Your Wedding’

  1. I firmly believe that you should do whatever you want to do – lose weight if it’ll make you more happy, don’t lose weight if you don’t want to do it! Your fiancée loves you already for who you are, you don’t need to change on little bit.. 😇

  2. I totally agree with you, looking your best and losing weight doesnt always go hand in hand with everyone. And i do believe it is rude for people to make that comment to you, you are beautiful just the way you are and obviously your fiancé believes the same!

  3. Sadly I think a lot of people these days so they can have a party where they are centre of attention so they want to “look their best”. Everyone focuses of the perfect, lavish wedding and squeezing into a skintight dress but is that what matters? Hell no! What matters is you are marrying the person you love and that person loves you as you are and if you are happy as you are, there is no need to diet to meet the expectations of others because it’s all a load of bollocks! Why the hell do people think you have to be paper thin to look good in a wedding dress anyway?
    Steph x

  4. Ohhh hun – first things first – I hope you don’t shed one more tear over someone who says something like this to! You are bloody gorgeous. I have to say, I think this post is just incredible – you see so much stuff out and about about how to be the perfect bride, but why don’t people talk more about this side of it? As someone who really struggles with their weight – but more because of what people say to me about it, and someone who hopes to get married one day, I can totally relate to this post because I know its exactly the kind of thing that would be said to me. I bet this helps tonnes of brides feel great in the run up to their perfect day… You’re such a star!
    Kate x

  5. You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head when you say that your fiancé proposed to you because he loves you the way you are and wants to be with you for the rest of his life, regardless of what you weigh! The pressure on women looks-wise on their wedding days is just horrendous, but you don’t see any men being told to tone up or drop a few pounds, do you? I find it an incredibly sexist thing, as if the only important thing for the woman on her wedding day is how she looks! Grrr! I think you’re absolutely right to emphasise personal choice, if you want to hit the gym then great, if not then don’t worry about it! Comments about weight are uncalled for and insensitive so I hope this post makes people think twice about saying stuff like this! Lots of love and respect for you ❤️

  6. This is such a great topic, these are the things that run through my mind. I’m not engaged but I do feel like the pressure of society has made me believe that I should lose weight before the wedding day, which I understand if that’s what people want to do but it’s definitely not a requirement! Such a great post! You are stunning and people need to mind their damn business!
    Jessica & James | /

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