I’ve finally experienced the joy of wedding dress shopping and, can I just say, I am not a fan. I expected the sizing to be very off, and I expected to have difficulties, but bloody hell Nora.
Okay, so in the first shop I went in, I was told that I would basically have to have a lace up back. The lady didn’t really give me any other options. And, I knew that there was noooooo way that I wanted a lace up back. Yes, I have a big bust, but I’ve always dreamt of beautiful detailing on the back on my dress, and I just didn’t want to compromise there. So, I promptly and swiftly left the shop without trying a dress on, oops.
Then comes shop number two, and the first time I actually put a wedding dress on my body! As I’ve got a big bust, I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy. There were actually only a really few dresses in the shop that would fit me which was quite an upsetting realisation to be honest. Also, like why are wedding dresses sized so small?! Who does that benefit?! Utter confusion.
In this shop, I tried on a lace up back and decided that it is just not for me. It was a lovely dress, and perfect for some other girl, I’m sure, but just not for me. I also tried on a fishtail which I already knew I didn’t want, but I did it for the benefit of my nan and omg I looked hilarious. I genuinely looked like a stuffed sausage and it didn’t do anything for my slimmer waistline, just a no (but funny, at least).
And then, there was a dress that I liked. Weirdly, it wasn’t what I was expecting to love at all. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have *that* moment that everyone talks about. I didn’t like the belt on it so changed that and added a veil, and I loved it. But, I just couldn’t commit. Something was holding me back, and I didn’t really know what. I mean, it supported me perfectly, had a lovely back, it just wasn’t what I pictured for myself and that was a weird place to be in. I absolutely loved the veil and I knew that it was perfect for me, but shouldn’t I have felt that way about the dress too?
So, I decided to go back a few days later with proper hair and makeup done and try it on again.
To be honest, I had a bit of a break down moment. It’s not a secret that I’m not the biggest fan of my body, and all of my insecurities came out. It wasn’t that the dress showed them off, because it didn’t, it’s that I didn’t feel good enough to be wearing the dress or to be doing it justice, and that sucked quite a bit. I felt inferior to the dress in a way, and I felt like it just wasn’t right for me at all.
I’ve always had my heart set on a lace wedding dress. I’ve loved lace for as long as I can remember and, even as a little girl, I wanted lace. My mum’s wedding dress was fully lace and I’ve always adored it! Plus, I want some of the lace from my mum’s veil somewhere on my person, whether that be the dress or the veil or what, so I knew that I just needed to try a lace dress on before I could make up my mind.
So my mum booked us an appointment at another dress shop. To be honest, I expected to go to this shop and have my love for the other dress confirmed, but that’s not what happened at all. As soon as we walked in, there was a dress that caught the eye of me, my mum and my Nan. The lady who worked there gave us each a heart and we put one on a dress each. I put one on a dress that looked gorgeous, and decided to try this one first.
As soon as I looked at myself in the mirror in this dress, I had *that* moment that everyone talks about. It was literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a wedding dress and it couldn’t have been more perfect for me. It’s safe to say that the other one was out of the question now, I really wanted this dress!!
It was a little over budget (sorry mum) but I love it and did offer to pay the extra (obviously) but she wants to pay for it. I’m just so excited now!
If I’d have dreamt up and designed a dress it would’ve been this one, it’s THAT perfect.
And, as soon as I’d got the dress, I knew that I wanted THAT veil from the other shop. So we quickly raced across town to get the veil that I love, and now I feel a bit settled and happy about everything. I feel like I could get married tomorrow now!
Obviously I’m not going to share too much about the dress just yet because Zack could very well be reading this (although I’m going to ask him not to) but I am very excited! When the big day is over, I’ll be sure to update this post with photos and more detail about the exact dress that it is.
I do have some top tips for wedding dress shopping though, so here we go:
1. Start when you want to start
As long as your venue is booked and your date is set, then you can start when you want! All of the advice that I read online said 9 months before but that’s too late! My dress wouldn’t be possible that close, so give yourself at least a year but start as early as you like!
2. Do your hair and makeup
Sounds silly, but it really does make a difference! If your hair and makeup is done then it makes it much easier to picture yourself.
3. Ignore the size
Size never matters but it definitely doesn’t when it comes to wedding dresses. Just accept the size that you’ve got to get and take it with a pinch of salt.
4. Make sure that you’re 100% sure
I nearly went for that other dress. I did like it, but it wasn’t the one and I knew that, but I thought that it would be okay. Don’t settle. Make sure you’re 1000000% sure!
5. Don’t keep trying it on!!
I know so many people that have ended up going off of their dress because they’ve just tried it on too many times 🙈. Leave it a while in between trying it on. No matter how much you love it and want to keep trying it on, you don’t want to make yourself go off of it before the big day!
H x