The Perfect Halloween Night In

It’s nearly my favourite day of the year, it’s nearly Halloween! And, whilst I think I might be going out this Halloween, I have spent many years having a Halloween night in and, so, I’ve compiled a list of everything you need for The Perfect Halloween Night In.
Let’s Go…

  • A Good Halloween Film. Scary or not, Halloween brings many fab films to choose from, whether you’re into Jack The Ripper or the friendlier Halloweentown, a good movie is a must!
  • A Few Decorations. If you’re just staying in, I wouldn’t spend a lot. But I love to decorate my room with some cheap Halloween decorations from Poundland, it just adds to the Halloween feel!
  • A Pumpkin To Carve. You gotta carve a pumpkin! (Fun Fact: Last year at the age of 17 my boyfriend carved a pumpkin for the very first time, crazy!).
  • A Good Blanket. To either hide from the scary film or just get cosy under.
  • Some Halloween Themed Treats! Lots of brands such as Butterkist get into the Halloween spirit and bring out limited edition snacks for the holiday, take advantage!
  • And A Halloween Themed Outfit. Whether this is a simple white tee splashed with blood, a full on costume, a cool tee with a ironic quote, or even just a mask or some make up, you gotta get dressed up in some format!

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Halloween Night In

  1. I do love a good Halloween night celebration at the comfort of my own home. I end up doing that most of the time actually! As much as I enjoy dressing up and going out with my friends, nothing beats being in a comfy pair of pjs and watching a good scary film. I hope you have a good Halloween on Monday!

  2. Same! Not really fond of going out for Halloween so I just stay in and watch a couple of horror movies xD but this year, I’m actually gonna disguise myself and party 🙂
    Love your post x
    Gen — genuinedrop

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