Before I start this post, I wanna start with a lil’ disclaimer. I hate having to do these but I also absolutely 100% want to get across that I do not intend to purposefully offend or upset anyone by this post. I know that there are many battles that we’ve still gotta fight the fight for, this is just my own personal experience. Whoever you are reading this, chances are that I think that you’re great and completely respect and appreciate your opinion and am always happy to chat over on socials.

Ok, so now the post that you probably came here to read.

As a woman who is mainly a UK size 12 but sometimes a 14 depending on brands, I would class myself as midsize. By this, I mean that I am not on either end of the sizing spectrum, I’m just floating around somewhere in the middle.

And, recently I realised that there has been a rise in ‘midsize’ media. Hashtags such as #midsizestyle are inundated with people looking for other people that look just like them, and I get it!

The plus size community, mainly, have done an amaaaaazing job at promoting body confidence. But, I find myself locked out of the plus sized brands.

Even though the ASOS models who are a size 16 look a lot more like me than the ones who are a size 6, I can’t buy from the plus size range because my size isn’t there. Instead, I have to kinda second guess how the dress is gonna fit with my larger frame, and it’s a bit poo.

Why can’t all clothing be sold in all sizes and modelled on different body types? Honestly, it baffles me. It baffles me that clothing stores are promoting any kind of split between plus size and not, why not just sell everything in every size and please every girl?

But, I digress…

So, bringing it back, it’s no surprise that we are all out there looking for each other. And, girl, if you’re reading this and relating, you found us. Take a look at the Midsize Collective insta if you need more inspo!

Being midsize can also be a bit awkward when it comes to blogging opportunities. I’ve found little luck with the highstreet brands that cater for smaller sizes, they want the girls that look like their super sleek models. And plus size brands have reached out to me in the past, but if you don’t sell my size then I ain’t promoting you for the sake of it!! There’s plenty of amazingly talented plus size gals that deserve the opportunity more than I do, so I always urge the brands to consider them instead.

But, ultimately, it baffles me why there has to be a split at all. Why the need for labels and boxes and numbers and categories? We are not sheep, we are people that just wanna clothe ourselves so that we don’t get arrested for public indecency, give us a break!!

Why does it matter what the number on the label says? It really, really shouldn’t.

But, in a more positive light, the categories, I suppose, can be ameliorated. Just look at how the plus size community have grown and inspired, they’re doing an incredible job!!

So, if it takes labelling myself as ‘midsize’ to get us recognised and help us find each other for style inspiration, then that’s that.

I guess I’ll be owning and embracing the hashtag from now on!


H x