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So as so many people really liked my first long distance relationship post, I’ve decided to do a little series. Today’s instalment is the Long Distance Relationship Tag, which I got from the lovely PeachyGem’s youtube channel, which you can check out HERE!
1. How many miles away are you from each other?
We used to be 238.6 miles away from each other (over 4 hours by car) but he has recently moved so that we are now only 77.6 miles away from each other (1 hour 37 minutes by car). Better still, when I move to university we will then only be 63.8 miles away from each other (1 hour 18 minutes by car). So I guess after 2 years long distance, we’re kind of only short distance now! But unfortunately with his job the distance can change at any time, so may get even longer in the near future!
2. What is the time difference?
We live in the same country so there isn’t one!
3. Is it hard being away from each other?
Yes. Very much so. Particularly because we used to only be a 10 minute walk away from each other (for three years of our relationship).
4. How long have you been in a LDR?
2 years long distance, 5 years altogether.
5. Insert a picture of you together
6. How often do you see each other?
At the moment, we’re not very far away so we try to commute to see each other once a week. We have done 6 weeks apart at the longest, but again this could increase in the near future.
7. What do you use to communicate?
iMessage, Snapchat, Instagram and our favourite, FaceTime.
8. What is the best gift they sent you?
The flower delivery he sent me for our anniversary 2 years ago! He was sleeping in a field that night but still managed to make me smile, without even being able to communicate with me!
9. What’s the hardest thing about long distance?
Not being able to see him whenever I want. Sometimes, after a particularly bad day, I just want to be able to curl up and watch a good film with him.
10. Is Long Distance worth it?
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  1. I would love to do this tag, but I moved halfway across the world and married my LDR 😀 Now he is sitting next to me helping me upload bilingual posts… happy ending!

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