Hi, so if you read my Summer Reading List 2016, you will know that I have recently been reading a book entitled ‘The Good Girl’ by Fiona Neill. As a small side note, I’d like to say that I purchased this book from my local Asda store which had an offer on so that you et 2 books for £7! This book alone should be £7.99 so this offer is really amazing and I suggest anyone wishing to expand their book collection should check it out (I do believe they un similar promotions at Tesco and Sainsburys also).
Ok, this post will contain no spoilers. It is an honest review, all opinions are my own and I have not been paid or sponsored to write this post. 
Let’s go.
One thing I didn’t initially like about this book is the swapping of narratives chapter after chapter. Each chapter alternates between the third and first person and, at first, I found this really confusing as I didn’t understand who was actually speaking. I eventually got my head around this and did understand it, even if I had to keep going back to check who was talking every so often. However, I don’t think this narrative device particularly added to the plot! A third person narrative throughout would have been much easier to follow and would not have taken anything away from the story, but that’s just my own personal opinion.
Apart from that, I really enjoyed this book. There were constant twists and turns, which I appreciate because there is nothing worse than a predictable book, and it really captured me. I read this cover to cover in 2 days, which is pretty good for me, because I was so interested in the characters, which were so realistic it sometimes felt like I was reading a diary rather than a book!
I also really liked the character of Romy, the sort of kind of protagonist of the story and half narrator. She is similar to me in age so I found her very relatable, although maybe not everything she does, and I was just utterly consumed by her character, I think we would be good friends!
I mean, to be honest, this book was enjoyable, but it probably wasn’t strong enough or powerful enough to be life changing, it didn’t really teach me anything. But I still loved this book, and it felt like the perfect guilty pleasure read to get me back into reading.
Overall, I’d give this book 4/5 stars. It is a solid guilt pleasure/holiday/summer read for me and I did enjoy it, although it probably won’t be making it into my Top Ten Favourite Books!
Thanks for reading,
H x
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