The Difference Between Fashion and Style; And Finding My Own

I’ll be honest, I’ve said it time and time again, look books are some of my favourite posts to create. I’ve always loved keeping up with fashion, whether it’s through magazines, instagram, or polyvore (god bless those teen years).

But, as a blogger, I always feel a little worried when I hit schedule on a look book. Will people see me for the fraud that I am?

See, I’m not really very fashionable. I try to keep up with the trends as best I can, but some things I simply don’t like so won’t. Money is also an issue because, well, I don’t have a lot of it, which is why I try to centre my look books around affordable fashion and/or capsule looks.

There’s always a little voice there though that tells me that people aren’t going to like it because I’m not always ‘with’ the trends. Some days I’m wearing a coat from a AW13 collection because it still fits, or a skirt from SS14 because I can kinda make it work for AW18. 

But, what I’ve come to realise, is that that’s okay.

I’ve been so focused on trying to follow fashion as best I can, that I’ve forgotten about style.

Style is our individuality. It’s what we like, what we can afford, what we find comfortable; it’s a massive representation of us, and everyone has one!

Rather than being so worried about how ‘fasHUNNNN’ my look books are, I should be focused on what they say about me and my style. I should be focused on my individuality, my likes and dislikes, and what I can bring to this blog.

Photos taken by the lovely Abbey

And, what I can bring isn’t fashion, it’s style.

No one has 100% the same style as you, and that’s what makes it exciting! My style might be similar to that of a thousand other people, but it won’t be the same.  

So, rather than being so worried about if an outfit is fashionable from this point onwards, I’m going to worry more about my personal style and how I can communicate that, and I encourage you to too!


H x

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