I’ll be honest, since I’ve moved to Leicester, I’ve neglected my normal routines when it comes to hair and beauty. I’ve stopped having my hair dyed regularly, my eyebrows waxed, my nails done, you know the drift.

And, there’s been two main reasons for this.

Number one is that I haven’t really got much money as a student. Number two is that I find salons really intimidating.

So, when KH Hair invited me along to their open event, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Their branding and advertising looked high end and luxury, and, to be honest, I was expecting to feel intimidated like I always do. 

I got to bring along my best friends as plus ones, which made me feel more comfortable, but I still felt like I was going into this blind.

We arrived and were met by a few of the team, and given a quick run through of the night and what to expect. I actually really appreciate it when they do this at events, it’s good hospitality! 

We were then given a tour by one of the lovely team members. The salon decor definitely fits the ‘luxury and high end’ branding. With ample space, elegant decor and a beautiful light fixing- we were all impressed!

We were then left to our own devices with a glass of prosecco and a voucher for a free G&T from the Tin & Tonic Gin bar, so that we could explore a little more.

We took some pictures for the blog, and then I decided to get my face glittered up by Glitterbug. I opted for a simple silver detail, and along to the sounds of DJ Dre UK, the party began.

The salon were offering a few treatments on the night, so my Emily took the plunge first and agreed to have a hand massage. The one of the lovely team spent time chatting and laughing with us, whilst taking her time to ensure a careful and luxurious hand massage. 

We then moved over to the hair station, where we all decided to get a little restyle by the lovely Kerry. I went first, and Kerry skilfully crafted me beachy waves with just a pair of straighteners. I know that this might sound pretty basic, but I have honestly NEVER found someone who can make my hair do that, even after trying numerous hair dressers.

See, my hair is quite long and heavy, so curls tend to just fall out unless I use a curling wand. But, Kerry managed to give me the beachy waves I’ve always wanted, and even showed me how to do it myself at home. 

Then, Kerry gave Emily’s shorter hair a restyle. Again, she took her time explaining to Emily how to get the style herself at home, and was really helpful answering any questions that we had about products and techniques.

Finally, Kerry gave Charlotte a little restyle with a braid, and we all loved our new looks!

Next, we went to see the lovely Beauty Therapist, at Kerry’s recommendation. She demonstrated to us one of the brow palettes that they stock at the salon on Charlotte, and we all remarked how great of a job it did and how easy the process was! Then we had chance to have a little chat to her about what she offers, and what the prices are like.

I’ll be honest, after such a high end and luxurious evening, I was expecting a big price tag.

And, to my surprise, the price tag was actually much less than ALL of us have paid for various treatments in the past!

Plus, KH Hair offer 10% student discount Monday – Thursday, and the therapist treat us to a little 10% offer if we book in with her before November!

I shall definitely be taking that offer up, as I’ve been putting off getting an eyebrow wax for almost three years now, but I don’t have an excuse anymore!

We then grabbed some sweets from the pick and mix table, said our thank yous, and headed home after a really lovely evening!

Honestly, KH Hair was one of the friendliest, most luxurious and most affordable salons that I’ve ever visited, and I cannot wait to go back.


H x

I was kindly invited to this event in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclaimer

Enjoy this out of focus pic of me smelling Emily’s hand after her massage