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Hello there! According to Google, it has officially been Autumn since the 22nd of September, so it’s my favourite season! Whilst I was searching for Autumn themed blog post inspiration, I came across this tag from Naomi Talks Beauty and, seen as I know so many of you like tags, I thought I’d answer!
Ok, here goes..
For Autumn what is your…
Favourite thing about it? I love the colours of Autumn and the fact that everything falls off and begins anew. Like my favourite Gatsby quote ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’. I like the idea of new beginnings, and I also love an excuse to sport a berry lip every day!
Favourite drink? Hmm I feel like Autumn is the time when I begin to love tea again so I’m going to say tea.
Favourite candle? Definitely Rhubarb Crumble from Yankee Candle this year, I just love it!
Best Lipstick? Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Shade 30.
Go to moisturiser?  I don’t use one, oops.
Go to colours for the eyes?  Gold shimmers with a matte brown contour, usually from my Make Up Revolution Flawless Palette.
Favourite band or singer? Do people change their song choices with the different seasons? I don’t think I really have a favourite band or singer, I sort of just like the odd songs, I always love Bieber though and Jess Glynne too.
Favourite outfit to wear? Lots of oversized jumpers and scarves! (But not all at once).
Autumn treat? Gotta be Gingerbread.. I feel like it becomes acceptable to eat gingerbread in Autumn.
Favourite place to be? Snuggled up with my boyfriend watching Halloween movies!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this tag and do it on your own blog/in the comments/ wherever else you may wish!
H x

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