I missed my Wednesday upload because I was going to have ‘a break’ and I really didn’t like it. This blog brings me joy, and to stop posting really does effect me.
So yeah, I’ve decided to write about the 7 lessons that 2017 has taught me.
2017 was a big year for me. It was the year that I completed my first year of university, the year that my MH took a bad turn, and the year that I found out that my fiancé will spend the majority of this year half way around the world.
But, rather than dwell on the negatives, I’ve decided to turn these into life lessons. So here goes…
1. University is HARD WORK
Yes, seriously. I didn’t think that my life could get much harder after sixth form, but boyyyyyy was I wrong! University requires a lot of work, and it took a while for me to adjust to this.
2. Criticism can be constructive
I guess I always knew this deep down, but when I was more immature it was easier to jump on the defence at the slightest critical. However, 2017 was the year that I learnt to start accepting this as help rather than being insulted.
3. Opening up can help a problem
I recently opened up to my close family about my MH and I found that it actually really helped. You don’t always have to keep things to yourself.
4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard, but rewarding
I finally managed to do this in 2017 and attend my first ever blogging event. I was nervous as hell and definitely didn’t seize the opportunity as much as I wanted to, but it’s progress and I was very happy that I managed to do it.
5. Taking blog pictures in public isn’t *that* bad
I was really scared of this before 2017, but 2017 became the year that I finally had the courage to do it!
6. Instagram themes aren’t worth it
I have stressed way more than I’d like to admit over my instagram theme, but I’ve now just accepted that it simply isn’t worth it. I’m just going to publish what I want now!
7. It’s okay not to have hundreds of friends
It’s the ones that are worthwhile that you need. Quality over quantity ❤️
What did 2017 teach you? Let me know in the comments.
H x