Blogmas Day 16- Favourite Christmas Songs!

Hello! Because I love a good ‘Top Ten’ style post, today I’m going to count down my favourite Christmas songs of all time. Reverse order.. drumroll please… 10. Justin Bieber- Mistletoe Gotta have a lil’ bit of Bieber at Christmas haven’t ya? I love this song, but it’s not ‘traditional’… View Post

Blogmas Day 14- My Favourite Cities For Christmas Shopping!

Welcome back! Today’s post is all about my favourite 5 cities for Christmas Shopping. In true Life Through TSG style, we’re gonna go in reverse order. Here goes.. 5. London London is one of my favourite places to shop all year round, but it’s too far way for me to just… View Post

Top 10 Halloween Films

Hello there! So, as some of you may know, I like my films quite a lot! I also really love Halloween so, when it gets to Halloween every year there are certain films that I just have to watch! These are a mix of classics from when I was a… View Post

The Autumn Tag

Hello there! According to Google, it has officially been Autumn since the 22nd of September, so it’s my favourite season! Whilst I was searching for Autumn themed blog post inspiration, I came across this tag from Naomi Talks Beauty and, seen as I know so many of you like tags, I… View Post