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The Influencer ‘Duty’

In this modern day and age (I sound like my nan), everyone has social media. Whether it be Instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, wordpress, or one of the many many others, we ae all online. We post pictures and paragraphs and thoughts and feelings, and often give very little thought to who is reading. And, the …


Happy 2nd Birthday LifeThroughTSG!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to ma bloggggggg, happy birthday to you! We’ve been around for a whole 2 years now; it’s gone so fast! I genuinely remember writing my first ever blog post, aw, so cute. So, I thought in a cute-little-reminiscing style, why not have a look at …

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My Top 5 Blog Photo Tips

Now, don’t roll your eyes at me, but I have wanted to write this post for such a long time. I get a bit bored of the ‘edit your pics like this’ posts where every blogger seems to think they have a masters degree in Lightroom (c’mon, we all just drag the curve around until …