Spring Bucket List

I loved creating my Winter Bucket List so much that I’ve decided to do another one for Spring! So this post is basically a list of all of the things I want to do this spring…

  • Go on more walks
  • Drink more water
  • Create another look book
  • Go on a small getaway (we’ve actually already booked centre parcs and I’m excited)
  • Spend more time with my family (whilst I’m off uni for Easter)
  • Create another photo diary
  • Read more for pleasure
  • Start making diffused water again!
  • Start a YouTube Channel (???)
  • Buy a blogging camera!
  • Do more things with Z that cost less money
  • Listen to music more often
  • Study hard for my summer exams
  • Try to be more eco-friendly
  • Produce better blog content, although I always strive to achieve this!
  • Have fun more and worry less
  • Do a shift at work that I know is going to be hard, instead of putting it off.

And that’s all for this spring!
Thanks for reading! 
H x

9 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List

  1. Drinking more water is on our list too! Love your little list, always such a great motivator! Hope you achieve them all and enjoy your upcoming getaway!
    Jessica & James |

  2. Some great goals here, Hayley! I would really love to see a new lookbook from you, I really enjoyed your last one! We will have to have a mini outfit shoot together when I come to leicester 😜 Doing the hard shift at work will really be a confidence booster for you, I’m sure! You’ve got this!
    Abbey 💓

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