So blogmas will resume as normal later on today, but I thought I’d write this cheeky little extra post because I went to see Rogue 1: A Star wars Story last night. Now, before you read this review it must be made clear that there will be NO SPOILERS in this post. I am not a die-hard Star wars fan, but my boyfriend introduced me to the films when we first got together and I have seen them all many times and I do enjoy them. So this is sort of an outsiders perspective as I’m not the biggest fan in the world. Ok so when I saw rogue one advertised I had 0 idea where it fit into the Star Wars universe as the trailer didn’t give too much away. The film answered this perfectly and I completely understood it all by the end of the film, but if I was to tell you that here it would be a spoiler so I am not. All I am gonna say is that I am pretty happy about this film. For me, it wasn’t necessary, but it is a cute little inside look into the world that so many people love and I can fully appreciate that. 
The acting was questionable. Some good, some awful. But I did love all of the characters that they created. They even had some cute little Easter eggs in there which made some fans delighted!
The visual effects stay very true to the original films, which is a massive strength of the franchise for me! The music is also very original which definitely shows that this is a star wars film. 
The famous rolling credits are not there. I’m not sure if you’d consider that a spoiler, if you do I greatly apologise, but I feel like I would have liked to have been warned of that before the film. That was the major let down for me. 
I also think that the story line was a little simplistic and predictable. However, this got much more complex at the end which was pretty good. 
Basically, I did like this film. I enjoyed it, so did my boyfriend and I think it’s a nice little nod to the franchise. Whether it’s necessary and adds to the bigger picture I’m unsure, but I’m glad it was made and I just love the main character!
Out of 5, I’d give this film a solid 3 1/2. Good, pleasing and humorous at times, but not too life changing. 
See you later today,