Pros and Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship

Hey there! My last Long Distance Relationship post seemed to go down pretty well so I decided to write another, this time to sum up the general pros and cons of doing long distance.

  • When you finally get to see each other that moment is just indescribably special.
  • You find that you actually end up telling each other and communicating more because of the distance.
  • You find the time you do spend together tends to be doing fun and exciting things rather than just chilling every day, not that chilling is bad!
  • You have more time to yourself which means you can really work at bettering yourself, a perk I’ve particularly enjoyed, although I do miss my boyfriend like crazy!
  • Your relationship seems to get closer and stronger, despite there being more physical distance.


  • You don’t see them as often.
  • They’re/You’re more likely to miss special occasions, like birthdays/anniversaries/valentines day.
  • You don’t really get to meet their friends because they’re also far away with them, so this is a bit exclusive and you sort of feel rude, even though you actually can’t help it.
  • It does get lonely.
  • It can feel like you’re living completely separate lives.

But, ultimately, going long distance is about being with a person you really care about and enjoy spending time with, so that one day you can spend as much time together as you like. It’s completely 100% worth it if you can see a future with someone, so don’t be put off by movies and TV shows!
Thanks for reading,
H x

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