Hello, hello, hellooooo!
So, you may know that I recently completed blogtober. This means that I published a post eveeeery singleeee daaaaay in October. I am also doing the same for blogmas, and publishing a post every single day leading up to Christmas. Now, if you’re good at maths, you may realise that this is a total of 56 posts in 2 months, which is a lot! Especially considering that I usually only publish 8 posts a month, this is a big step.
So, I’ve made a little decision to not stick to my schedule in November. I’m not going to say that I’m not publishing posts at all, because that’s unrealistic as I’ve got a few things due to go live this month. But, I shall not be forcing myself to produce content to fit with a schedule, I need a little break. I don’t want to post anything that I’m not 100% in love with, so I need this little break for inspiration!
Like I said, this is mainly because of the amount of posts that I’ve been posting lately, but also because I’ve just started back at university in my second year and my work load is pretty large compared with last year. I love my blog and I hope I will never give up on it, but right now I need a second to catch my breathe and have a little rest.
If you did want to read some content from me and haven’t read any of blogtober, you can find every single post from October linked HERE!
Lots of love,
H x