As someone who always has to have background noise, no matter if I’m writing a blog post or writing my dissertation (which YES I should be doing right now but I’m not, okay?!), I have come across many shows/films that just don’t work in the background, but I have also come across quite a few that do! So, I thought I’d scour Netflix and put them all into a post for your enjoyment; you’re welcome.
My Criteria:

  • Easy to binge
  • Doesn’t require too much attention
  • Not too hard hitting (light-hearted)

You Me Her
This is fast becoming one of my favourite shows. Easy to binge and perfect for background watching, this show can keep you safely working away at your laptop all day whilst providing laughs and relief if you need a little break; yay!
Good Girls
Now, this one is on the boundary. I was unsure whether to include it or not. It does, admittedly, take a bit more brain power than I would like for background watching, but it’s good to throw on none-the-less. Plus, it’s just a really good series that you should definitely watch anyway!
Kissing Booth
Bit cheesy but will definitely put a smile on your face; it’s this kinda badly scripted Netflix original! Not the best, but good for sticking on whilst you’re concentrating on other things (you may even get that invested that you shed a tear).
Project Runway
As someone who was rather young when project runway originally aired, I hadn’t even heard of it until I came across it on netflix! But, I am hooked! Because it’s sort-of reality tv, it’s perfect for background half-watching half-typing, so definitely deserves it’s place on this list.
Just Go With It
Who doesn’t love this film?! It’s a bloody modern classic! I probably definitely know it word for word but it still makes me laugh so still deserves a place in my background watching list.
Grace and Frankie
An easy watch, this show is funny and heart-warming, and certainly can see you through the work day! It’s a bit dry in places but that’s why it’s background watching.
Again, has quite a few plot holes if you consider it too carefully, but fun to watch and pretty easy going! Just leave the season finales to a time when you’re not trying to do your tax return because they may enhance your stress factor.
The Duff
Teen movies are perfect for this kinda thing, and this one is no different! Probably will put a smile on your face and definitely will make you glad you’re no longer at high school, maybe even more work motivation?!
Santa Clarita Diet
Another light-hearted watch and pretty funny too. I have to really savour this one when a new season comes out because I tend to watch it all in one go; oops!
Gavin and Stacey
If you don’t like Gavin and Stacey then I’m just gonna go ahead and say that you’re *a bit* weird. You’ve probably seen them before, so a rewatch in the background is great for bringing the mems back. (Yes, I did just type ‘mems’).
Wild Child
A golden oldie throwback, I recently re-watched this one and I had forgotten a lot of it, it seems! I enjoyed it even more than I remember and laughed more too; so perfect for a summer working day!
Gossip Girl
Ahhh… the show that distracted me from my A Levels! Gossip Girl is just fab but is also easy to follow making it a fab  background watch (I actually did do A Level revision whilst it was on!).
What would you recommend for background watching? Lemme know in the comments!
H x