Although I’m only 18, it has recently occurred to me that I’m always wanting more! I’m forever writing wish lists and bucket lists, so this one is a bit different.
Here’s me looking back on and appreciating the past, with my top ten life experiences so far…
10. Starting My Blog
When I originally started my blog, I did so for my absolute own enjoyment and not to please others whatsoever. However, the feeling when I reached 1,200 page views really made me so incredibly happy. I genuinely love my blog, and hope anyone who reads it does too!
9. Seeing Lion King in Theatre
I am an absolute theatre geek so it is hard for me to choose just one theatre visit! However, without a doubt, The Lion King is my favourite production I have seen in the West End so far. The Lion King has it all, breath-taking costumes, the right amount of humour and tragedy, and, of course, that amazing score that I could genuinely listen to all day. If you’re thinking of visiting the West End any time soon, I would definitely recommend going to see The Lion King!
8. Disney Land (twice)
Although I realise this is a very cliche, uninteresting and materialistic experience to be on my top ten, some of my best memories with my family happened at Disney Land! And, whilst I can still make memories with each side of my family, I know they will never be together ever again so the memories where they were are so incredibly special to me.
7. Summer School at Durham University
So, just under a year ago, I attended a Summer School by Sutton Trust at The University of Durham. I’ll be honest, although the University is beautiful, I definitely decided it wasn’t for me. However, the friendships I made at this Summer School are still ongoing, a whole year later! Durham itself, as well as the University, is absolutely gorgeous and I would fully recommend the city to anyone looking for a small getaway this Summer, it really is beautiful. We also did lots of amazing things at this Summer School that I’ve never done before! We did Swing Dancing, which was so so so fun, and even had a silent disco, which I LOVED. I’m so glad I took this opportunity! 
You can find out more about Sutton Trust Summer Schools HERE
6. Prom
Alright, so I know this is so stereotypical and boring but I genuinely did not expect much at all from my Prom! I had a bit of a poo day to begin with, my spray tan had gone patchy on my face (of all places) but my make-up artist did an AMAZING job of filling it in and making it all even! Then, on the way to the photo place where everyone goes before Prom begins, my dress broke! The hook and eye just completely snapped so instead of being straight cut my Prom dress had a V back. But, as soon as I got there, I really loved Prom! Everyone was in such high-spirits and the atmosphere was so amazing! Before I actually went to Prom, I was dreading it, but I’m so glad i eventually decided to go! Honestly, I had such a good time and I would 100% urge anyone thinking of not going to GO, you won’t regret it!
5. Indoor Sky Diving
I really really loved this experience. My only wish would be that you could actually be in the wind-tunnelly thing with someone else! I went with my boyfriend and, whilst I loved it, I wish we could have been in there together instead of each on our own with an instructor. However, I’m sure there is probably some safety reason that we weren’t allowed so probably best to be safe and appreciate the experience anyway!
(We did this with the lovely people of
4. London 2015
Ok, so I have been to London a few times in my life, given that it’s the capital city of the country and all, but none have them have been particularly like this trip. This trip was completely random, and a surprise from my boyfriend for doing well in my AS exams. He didn’t tell me until a few days before, so I genuinely had no idea, and he also booked it pretty much impulsively and spontaneously. On this trip we saw Les Miserables in the theatre, which I have seen before and love so wanted to watch again, and stayed in a hostel. I was totally worried about staying in a hostel because I’ve never ever ever done that before! But, in the end, it ended up pretty much just like a cheap hotel! We had our own room and bathroom and the place was modern and clean, so I can’t see a problem. My main concern was the area we stayed in, Elephant and Circus, was a bit scary if you’re not from there and have no idea where to go! Although, obviously due to the low cost of the hostel, we didn’t have a TV in our room, we watched X Factor on our phones and films and other TV at the night time, there was free WIFI and we didn’t really want to wander around Elephant and Circus too much! But, as a whole, this trip was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! It was fun, light-hearted and really really relaxed, especially to say we were in London! We spent most of our time in Leicester Square, which is my favourite place in London, and also visited Covent Garden, my second favourite place! The trip was just so relaxed I can’t even put it into words, it definitely deserves the number 4 spot on My Top Ten Life Experiences!
3. Dancing
Okay, so this is a very generalistic experience. However, I have danced as part of a Dance School for the last 15 years of my life. I am due to leave soon to pursue new experiences and, although I am excited, I cannot ignore how much I am going to miss dancing! I have loved every single second of performing and I am so sad that I’m going to be giving it up very soon, but I am so grateful for the experience!
2. Ibiza 2014
This is BY FAR my favourite holiday I’ve ever been on! This was my second holiday with my boyfriend and we went with his side of the family. Ibiza is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen, particularly the older places like Ibiza Town, and the holiday as a whole was just so chilled out and relaxing. We also went to a hippy market, which I’ve never done before, and spontaneously booked to go and see Ed Sheeran and Ibiza Rocks whilst we were there! This is definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I’m so glad that I will have these memories and share them with my boyfriend for the rest of my life!
1. Falling in love
And this one doesn’t just mean with your significant other! Falling in love with whatever it may be; your job, your hobby, your friends, or even your partner. Falling in love with someone else has taught me how to love myself, and that really is the most important lesson of all.