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My Top 5 Blog Photo Tips

Now, don’t roll your eyes at me, but I have wanted to write this post for such a long time.
I get a bit bored of the ‘edit your pics like this’ posts where every blogger seems to think they have a masters degree in Lightroom (c’mon, we all just drag the curve around until it looks good, don’t we?!), because they are often just a rehash of the same information. We all know that Snapseed is pretty bomb and that VSCO is the number one filter stop, so this post isn’t gonna be about that.
Instead, this is gonna be about the tips that I wish I could go back in time and give myself. I was certainly not used to being in front of a camera when I started this blog, and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot along the way. So, why not share it in an urm-this-is-just-my-experiece-i-am-definitely-not-an-expert kinda way?!

1. Have fun with light!
Now, I have tried many things including a selfie phone-clip ring light mounted on a tripod to try and get around this, but natural light really does work the best. This doesn’t have to be the brightest light though. Photos taken in the light of dusk or dawn are beautiful too. Play around with light and find what you like.
2. Shoot with someone you feel comfortable with
Honestly, this makes all the difference. Shoot days shouldn’t be weird and uncomfortable and awkward, they should be fun! Shoot with someone who makes you laugh and brings out your best side, and you’ll be grateful that you did, trust me.

3. Check out the pics as you go
Not every single photo because *wow* time-consuming. But do a little check to make sure that you like the angle, lighting, position etc whilst you’re still there taking the photo. There is nothing more frustrating than getting home and wishing that you could tilt your head slightly more.
4. Try having someone else edit your pics
We’ve all come home from a shoot feeling pretty deflated that the shots are just not what we had in mind, and editing them feels impossible. But this is often because we are trying to edit with what we originally intended the photo to look like in our minds, subconsciously. Instead, have someone else edit your pics. I’ve done this a few times and the ones that I’ve hated have suddenly become photos that I love!

5. If you’re shy, try shooting early in the morning
Public shoots can be daunting, especially the first few times. If you’re too nervous, why not try shooting in the morning?! Zack and I have shot 4 outfits in 7 locations before 10am before! It is possible and quieter streets also mean less people in the background of your shots; winning.
Whatever you do, enjoy it! Taking blog photos should not be a chore, and don’t feel compelled to fit into the ‘blogger’ mould. Just do you and enjoy the shoot and I’m sure you’ll love what you end up with!
H x

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