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My Guide To Leicester; Instagrammable Places, Food and Drink and Where To Go!

I’ve lived in Leicester for over a year and a half now, and one thing that I’ve definitely noticed is a significant lack of information about where to go, what to do, where to eat etc. There’s so many guides like this for bigger cities, but Leicester hasn’t got the recognition it deserves. So I thought, why not make my own? Granted, a year and a half isn’t the longest period of time, but I’d like to think that I’ve gotten to know the city pretty well, and I’ve certainly got plenty of recommendations. This is also gonna be a ‘live’ post meaning I’m going to keep updating it as I find new places, so make sure to keep checking back! Without further ado, let’s get to my favourite places in Leicester (this is gonna be a long one, so feel free to skip to the sections you want!).
Food and Drink
Coffee Shops
As I basically live in coffee shops, I definitely have a few good recommendations here.
6 Degrees – situated on London Road, this place is my fav for a cute lil’ coffee catch up in between lectures.
SOHO – zack and I went here for brunch the other weekend and it was so delicious; definitely recommend!
– The Coffee Counter – this is the perfect place for us to stop off at mid-shoot because it’s super cute and their drinks are yummy!cropped-dsc_398911.jpg
The Northern Cobbler – it’s pretty and they do great cake! The only issue is that it can get a little too busy sometimes.
Ahhh, yes, I’ve finally ventured away from Five Guys and given some other restaurants a go. I do still love Five Guys, don’t get me wrong, but I’m really glad that I tried these places too!
Turtle Bay – this is a bar and restaurant, so pop along just for cocktails if you’d like! It’s pretty here, the atmosphere is great, the decor is incredible and the food is delicious. Zack’s favourite spot in Leicester for food!
– Bodega – and my favourite spot! Bodega serves the most delicious food and their restaurant looks so cool, definitely the perfect place for large parties of people!
– BOO Burger – five words; halloumi burger and nacho fries. It’s so good. It’s sooooo good.
Bistrot Pierre – abbey and I went out for a meal here and the food was so yum! You can read her full review here.
– The Case – Zack and I went here for our anniversary meal last year and everything was just so delicious! I definitely recommend.

A post shared by Hayley (@lifethroughtsg) on – Bill’s – alright, I know that they have Bill’s restaurants all over the place, but I bloody love it. It’s the perfect spot for brunch!

Creams – if you want a delicious dessert or milkshake, creams is the place! I’ve tried many dessert shops in Leicester but this one always comes out on top for me.
– The Stonebaked Pizza Co. – this place do the yummiest freshly made pizzas! Plus, they’re on deliveroo so you don’t even have to leave your house 🤤
– Turtle Bay (as above)
– Bodega (as above)
– The Cosy Club – have you seen how cute this place is?! Their cocktails are yummy too!
– Revolution – because revs is always a good idea.
The Distillery – zack and I kind of accidentally discovered this place when we were looking for somewhere to watch football, but it’s actually really nice! And they have 2for1 cocktails during happy hour and great food too! Would recommend.
This category is really lacking (oops!). If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post!
Instagrammable Spots
Ok, this is so needed for Leicester. The amount of times I have googled ‘instagrammable spots in Leicester’ to no avail is ridiculous. There’s so many places that bloggers rave about in other cities, but Leicester seems to be a lil’ quiet. However, there are good places to take pics, I promise! So, here’s a few spots that we love for taking photos! I’ll also try and attach the insta post so you can visualise it. Let’s go…
– New Walk – New Walk is one of my favourite spots in Leicester, and I’d absolutely love to live in one of the pretty pink houses! This is great for a quick outfit shot though and it’s super pretty and looks impressive on photos!
– All of the coffee shops listed above – yup, they’re all super pretty.
– Highcross Car Park – yup, ya heard me right. Highcross car park has so much potential when it comes to urban-looking pics. Go right up to the roof for some pretty city sky-lines, or make the most of the interesting lights and shapes that the car park has to offer. It has potential, I promise (and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the pics below that I managed to get there). I’d also recommend getting their early as it gets pretty busy!
– Abbey Park/ Victoria Park/ Knighton Park – each of these parks are pretty close to the city centre, and each have plenty to offer if you’re after a pretty nature shoot!
– Bradgate Park – they have wild deer here which is pretty cool. There’s also an old castle-like structure which could look really cool in photos!
– Town Hall Square – the spot for the perfect Christmas photo for the grid! But, even when it’s not Christmas, this square has a gorgeous fountain which would look pretty in any picture!
Aylestone Recreation Groundand Frog Island- these two spots have the coolest graffiti, which is perfect for an urban outfit shot!
Things to do
– Bradgate Park (as above)
– Showcase Cinema Director’s Hall – Zack and I went here (to see fifty shades) for my birthday this year, and I absolutely loved it! Basically it’s like a VIP cinema experience where the seats are arranged in twos, which is super cute, with a screen just for VIP members. Plus you get access to the Director’s Lounge beforehand which is a beautiful bar with food and cocktails etc, and you get a complementary non-alcoholic drink as well as popcorn, all within the price of the ticket! Plus, the tickets aren’t that much more than a normal cinema ticket, and it’s definitely a really luxe experience for a special occasion!
– National Space Centre- Zack and I spent the day here recently, and we loved it! Although we went on a week day, so it was pretty crowded with school trip groups (which were a little rowdy!) we still managed to enjoy our day. There’s plenty to see and do here, and the ticket price of £14 is the same price as an annual pass; great value for money! The planetarium is amazing, and there’s a simulator too which you get to use once during your visit!  It’s a must-do when in Leicester!

– Highcross – if you love shopping, you’ve GOT to visit the Highcross shopping centre! It’s all just so pretty and, although the shops there are quite select, there’s a great range and all of the stores have a lot to offer! I adore Highcross, it’s one of my favourite shopping centres ever (is it bad that I have an official ranking within my head?).
Do you live in Leicester? Do you have anything to add to these categories? Let me know in the comments!
H x

11 thoughts on “My Guide To Leicester; Instagrammable Places, Food and Drink and Where To Go!

  1. Reblogged this on M4gical and commented:
    Leicester is SO underrated. I used to go and see my friend all the time when she was at Uni there, I love it so much, so many vintage clothes shops and the area is all round pretty!

  2. Leicester is SO underrated, I used to go all the time to visit my friend at Uni, I love the vintage clothes shops there and it’s an all round pretty place with lovely bars and restaurants!

  3. Aww, I was born and raised Leicester but recently moved. The Marriott hotel in fosse park is stunning. Fosse park is also a great thing to do. Beacon hill is nice.
    We also went to see 50 shades in the directors lounge — might’ve been the same day! Hahaha. Lovely post, gives me memories of home! Xx

  4. Leicester seems so lovely! I’d only been once before to meet a friend halfway between where we both lived but we didn’t do much – I wish I’d known all of this was on the doorstep! I’m dying to come and see the lovely Abbey and I’m hoping we get to meet up too!
    Kate x

  5. I’ve lived in Leicester a little while now but I definitely haven’t managed to check out all of these places yet! I’ve heard quite a few mixed opinions on the Space Center, a few people have said that it’s really child oriented and not worth the entry fee so I haven’t been yet but if you reckon it’s worth it, I might just have to give it a go! I have been wanting to eat at Bodega since it relaunched, I’ve been told that their vegan menu is pretty decent! I love the Turtle Bay restaurant in Oxford, I’m sure the Leicester one is just as good!
    Abbey xoxox

    1. I would definitely recommend the space centre! I guess it depends on your knowledge level, but I don’t know very much about space so found it very informative! Plus the entry fee covers you for a whole year so I think it’s pretty justified! Thanks for reading lovely X

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