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My Goals At University: One Year On

Hello! I wrote a post about my goals for university a whole year ago now. And, as I’m just beginning my second year, I thought it would be fun to review my goals and set some new ones for the year ahead! So, without further ado, here are my goals from last year:
* Get a good degree in a subject I love. I feel like this is an obvious goal, but it is my main goal for my time at university and one I hope i truly do fulfil!
* I mean, this one is in progress!
* Make new friends, and different types of friends. I want friends I can go clubbing with, go to coffee shops with, chill with, study with and shop with. Whether these are the same friends or different groups, I really want to meet new people and gain life long friends!
* Definitely done this one! I don’t have many friends at uni, but I have good ones and that’s all that matters. Quality over quantity! 

* Join and stick to an interesting society, which will be a completely new experience.
* Yeah, I haven’t done this yet. Carrying this one over!
* Get a small job.
* I have done this! I have 2 jobs which i love 🙌🏻
* Be involved in the university in some way, whether it be in the union, in a society, in a mentoring scheme or anything else.
* I’ve got a job within this area and I love it! 
* Go on work placements to decide what I want to do in the future.
* This one is in progress too, although I think I may have decided what I want to do with my future!
As well as the goals that are still ongoing, my goals for this year are:

  • Keep up with the course reading and read around the subject. 
  • Meet new friends, preferably on my course. 
  • Do myself proud this year, and work as hard as I can!

Are you at university? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!
H x 

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