My Festival Experience: V Festival 2016

Hello there! As I’m writing this, I’m sat in my boyfriend’s room whilst he’s gone to work and left me with no wifi. It’s the day after V Festival, and wow what an experience! To be completely honest, I wasn’t really going to blog about my experience because I didn’t think it would be worth reading, but now I realise I would have loved to have read a post like this before I went! So here I am, with just-washed hair, zero make up, and yesterday’s glitter everywhere (including on my boyfriend’s bed, oops!) writing allllll about yesterday!
Ok, so we decided to only attend V Festival 2016 for a day because we weren’t really interested in the performers on the Saturday. We attended the Sunday at Weston Park, which is about 1 3/4 hours away from our homes, but conveniently only half an hour away from my boyfriend’s new accomodation, which he was moving into on the same day as V Festival, so busy yet highly convenient!
We got up early to get to his accomodation with plenty of time to spare, as we were only going for the day we really wanted to make the most of it! We put all of his stuff in his room and unpacked, at which point I realised I forgot the tickets! So I had to ring home and get my mother to find them, which was bloody difficult, and arranged for my grandad to bring them through half way (he’s so amazing!) and we were gonna meet them there, considering we had 45 minutes until the festival started and this would be a 2 hour round trip plus the half an hour drive to the festival!
Ok, so we’re 15 minutes away from the meeting point, seems like things are actually going well, and we hit traffic. Not only is this traffic, there is no way whatsoever to get to the services where we are supposed to be meeting my grandad. So, we call him and he agrees to drive the whole way (told you he’s amazing!) but it’s gonna take him a while!
We FINALLY get the tickets at around 2pm and get there for half past, so we made it just in time for Zara Larsson!
Although I do like the few songs that I’ve heard from Zara, I’ve only heard around 3 and I know she’s only the same age as me (18) so I wasn’t expecting much apart from her singingwhat everyone knows. Honestly, she really surprised me, she was confident, funny, engaged the crowd, and wow she can sing and dance! Honestly, she was just so so so adorable that now I want to be her best friend!
After Zara, we headed to the main stage where we planned to spend the rest of our day! We grabbed a drink (£7.20 for a vodka redbull were there’s no queue or £5 for a vodka + mixer in a 300 person queue? I paid the extra £2.20!) and we managed to catch a bit of Stormzy who was really fun!
Next up was Jess Glynne, who me and my boyfriend are both huge fans of! She didn’t disappoint, she has amazing vocals and her stage presence is great, she’s full of life and energy and such a joy to watch!
Now, I’m not going to lie, I really needed a wee at this point. But up next was Bastille and, whilst I wasn’t too bothered about watching them, my boyfriend is a big fan and wouldn’t let me go to the toilet on my own out of fear he would never find me again! So I held it, and I am so glad I did!
Bastille were INCREDIBLE. They were just so energetic and had so much time for the crowd, wow, they really really were the stand-out performers for me, and I totally wasn’t expecting it!
Next up was Sia. I was expecting a lot from this and really hoping she’d bring Maddie, and she brung a bloody look-a-like, but not actually Maddie! Don’t get me wrong, I know that Sia’s image is being all mysterious ect, but by this point it was absolutely chucking it down with rain and she didn’t speak to the crowd or thank them for standing there for an hour to listen to her at all! Instead she played these weird intro clips that didn’t make a lot of sense. On the screens where the stage is usually shown, there was pre-recorded videos which, to be honest, were really annoying! I’m 5″2 and, whilst I was quite close to the stage, I couldn’t see much of it so heavily relied on the screens, if I wanted to watch a pre-recorded music video I could have done so on 4 Music in a nice, warm, dry house where I could sit! So Sia left me and my boyfriend with a bad taste in our mouths, and now we had to wait 20 minutes for Justin.
Justin was 10 minutes late, but worth the wait. His set was almost 2 hours long, which definitely made being stood in the rain all day and paying nearly £100 worth it! He sang old and new, with Baby even being in there, fast and slow, with dancers or just him and a guitar, he covered it all and spoke to the crowd inbetween, as well as eating pop tarts and tying his shoe on stage of course! Biebs is a total diva, but a total performer, he was worth every drop of rain!
So now it was all over, and time to head to the guy who was picking us up. But the M6 was closed, so the person picking us up was an hour walk away! In the end, we did only end up walking about 40 minutes because he managed to advance in the traffic queue, but it was dark and a bit scary and it felt like a lot longer than 40 minutes. However, the festival organisers were really nice about the whole situation and did everything they could to possibly help, so credit to them where credit is due!
On a whole, I did really enjoy the experience! My shoes are absolutely ruined and I’ve thrown them away, but they were only £3 from Primark so I really don’t mind! However, I do think that, if I ever go to another festival, I will be much more focused on having a good time and having room to dance than being near the front, I got so squashed at this festival and I’m claustrophobic so this really wasn’t ideal for me. But I’d definitely do it again, I’m just glad I will have a few more tips and a bit more experience for next time!
As always,
Thank you so much for reading!
H x

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