I thought I would do this post just to bring together everything I’ve managed to achieve on my blog, and my favourite posts from the year. This is more for myself than it is for you, because I wanted to do a little reflection on the past year, but of course you’re welcome to read.
This last year has been really good for my blog. I mean, I’m nowhere near #bloggergoals level, but my little corner of the internet has almost tripled in social followers, which I am pretty proud of! And, all too often I put myself down far too much, so I thought this could be a little self-love post, to make me feel all warm and fuzzy with love for my blog and for all of the opportunities I have received this year.
Ok, I’ll actually get into it now..

This was a completely new style of post to me, but it’s by FAR the most read on my blog to this date! I received a lot of positive feedback on it and, I’ll be honest, I actually wrote it when I was at a little bit of a loss with my blog, so the positive response reaaaaally boosted me!

I am so so so proud of this post, and this video. Honestly, if you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be sat in front of a camera, filming a HAIR TUTORIAL and posting it on YouTube where anyone can see, I never would have believed you.

I love all of my Crete posts, so it was hard just to pick one. But I chose this one because it’s the post I probably worked the hardest on. I think sometimes people probably think that look books are the easiest type of post as you don’t have to write very much, but with all the links and pics, it can take quite a while to put them together!

The photos in the post are my favourite EVER. I am so confident and happy with my blog, and I think it really shows!

This was such an exciting collaboration for me, because it was sort of like a pinch-me moment. I managed to take my fiancé away for the bank holiday weekend, in a lovely hotel and blog about it! The ultimate dream for me.

I absolutely poured my heart and soul into this post. It was hard for me to write and, yes, I did sob multiple times during, but I got through it and I’m really proud that I was able to admit these things to myself.

This goes for all of my mental health posts. I have been really open and honest about MH on my blog this year, and it really helps me to channel those negative feelings into something positive. I will definitely be carrying these posts on.

Ah, this post. I wrote this post at least 7 times and deleted it. I was terrified to publish it, but I received a really positive response and it made me so happy. It also felt amazing to have that weight lifted off of me and get rid of those feelings somewhere.

My first ever response post! I love these kinds of posts, and I love the discussions that they create, so that’s why this post is on this list!

I really loved putting this gift guide together, and finding so many amazing potential gifts that help others! I also had a really positive reaction to this post, and many people told me that they’d purchased something from it, so I’m glad that it helped others to give back too!

I had so much fun this October, and I really think you can see that from this photo diary! It’s definitely one of my favourites.

A really personal post for me, but so many people had questions so I thought why not answer them? I really loved the discussion that this post created.

Another really personal post from me, and one that was really difficult to write. The day I pressed publish I was so scared, but the support I received was overwhelming.

Who doesn’t embellish their life a little for instagram? But, I wanted to be honest in this post, and I love reading it back!
And that’s it for now! What posts of YOUR OWN have you LOVED this year? Leave a link in the comments, and let’s share the self love!
H x