My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

This is such a strange blog post to write for me, it’s so much more personal than I’m used to. But, I’m writing this for a good reason. I’m bloody sick of the implant getting nothing but bad press! Now, I know everyone’s experiences are different, but when I was told the implant was the only option left for me, I was terrified because the only things I could find online were horror stories, eek! So, I’m going to share my experience and, please, feel free to share yours in the comments. I’m not saying the implant is the best choice or even works for everyone, but I am saying that it works for me, so let’s just get that one straightened out!
Okay, so a bit of background. At 16 I wanted to go on the pill. I was told by my doctor that because of family medical history, I wasn’t allowed to go on the combined pill. But there was another type of pill that I could take, the mini pill! On the first mini pill I tried, the hormones reacted very badly to my body and I turned into an actual psychopath. After 6 months of putting up with this (my poor boyfriend) I had my 6 month review and the Doctor made the decision to try me on another mini pill, Cerelle. This word makes me shiver. Cerelle, whilst keeping me sane, did awful awful things to my body! I gained 2 stone in 3 months and stopped taking it off of my own back because I was getting the worst cramps I have ever felt and pains in my sides which were so unbearable I could hardly work. So, I went back to the doctor again (after giving my body a well-needed rest) and they told me that, since the mini pill caused me to gain wait, the injection would also. However, they said that the only option I had left was to try the implant. I knew this was coming and I was dreading it because the single thing that I am the most afraid of is injections, never mind and injection so big that it was actually implanting something into my body!
I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified the whole way through the procedure and didn’t look. But, what I can tell you, is that I genuinely did not feel any pain whatsoever! In fact, I have had a few friends who also have the implant and they got big bruises so I was well-prepared for this, but it didn’t even bruise! Sure, after the numbness wore off, my arm felt heavy and was slightly sore, but it didn’t hurt and I only have a tiny pin prick scar from the needle left now, 1 year later.
Now, the implant has by far been the best thing I’ve tried yet! I check for it weekly, as your advised to, when I’m sat in the bath on a Sunday night and although it does make me gag a little to feel it under my skin, this is so so so important. I recently read a horror story of a poor woman on Facebook whose arm had been left a mess with bruising and scarring from the implant, however it was just because she hadn’t checked for so long that the implant had managed to move and the doctor couldn’t locate it, it is your own responsibility to check on it! Plus, the new implant which has been circulating for the last 2 year or so (which she hadn’t had unfortunately) now shows up on X-Rays so, if yo can’t feel it anymore, a simple X-Ray will find it!
As I said, I do understand that contraception affects different people differently so, if you’ve had a bad experience with the implant please don’t think I’m trying to tell others it’s all good and rosy, but my experience has been very positive and I’d hate for people to be put off (like I almost was) by all of the horror stories online!
Thanks for reading,
H x

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