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My Driving Journey!

So, when I did originally start my driving lessons, I did write a post about it which you can read HERE. However, as I progressed, I felt like I had so much to share that I wanted to share on my blog, but if I did an update after every lesson, well that would be a lot of blog posts. Instead, I decided to share my whole story in one blog post, and you’re currently reading it! So, here we have it, my driving journey…
Thursday 15th February 2018- My First Lesson
A bit of a shaky start. I was supposed to be starting my driving lessons on Monday, but I had to cancel my first one because Zack was taken ill on the Sunday, and I had to be with him at that time. So yeah, I had my first lesson today and it didn’t go too well. I did tell my instructor about my anxiety though and he assured me that I am not showing symptoms of it whilst driving (as I was really worried about that). He also has experience with other drivers with anxiety, which I really appreciate.
Saturday 10th March 2018- A Turning Point
I’ve had 14 hours of driving by this point, and I started writing this post today because I wanted to document my journey. I’ve certainly had a few bad lessons, but I’ve actually somehow managed to have more good, which I’m pretty happy with. Today I officially started manoeuvres and I’m feeling a little disheartened about how they’re going so far. But, writing this post has made me realise that I’ve actually been driving for less than a month, so I definitely need to cut myself a bit of slack.
Thursday 22nd March 2018- My Theory Test
I PASSED! I’m not gonna lie, I was very nervous that I wasn’t going to, but I did! I would 100% recommend the 4in1 Theory App, it worked so well for me! I’ve also booked my practical test today and it’s a few months away…
Wednesday 9th May- The Day I Had A Panic Attack
If you’ve been following my instagram stories throughout this process, you will probably remember me telling you about today. If not, I’ll quickly cover it here. Essentially, the panic attack wasn’t anything to do with actually driving, it was to do with a rather shitty situation that occurred just before my driving lesson and distracted me. Because of this, I made a lot of mistakes. My instructor pulled me over and asked me about it, so I told him and ended up having a panic attack at the side of the road. He was really nice about it, and has rescheduled my lesson for tomorrow morning instead, but I feel really disappointed in myself.
Tuesday 22nd May- Back on Track
To be honest, for the last few weeks, my driving lessons have been a bit allover the place. Some weeks I’ve had really good lessons, and some weeks I’ve had awful ones. On my last lesson my instructor said that he was going to have to cancel my test if I didn’t start using my mirrors, but on this lesson he said that I’d drastically improved and that we are actually getting somewhere- hooray! This journey has been exhausting and mentally draining, to be honest, and I just want to pass now!!
Sunday 10th June- The night before
Okay, so my test is tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. To be honest, I’m also kinda accepting that I’m gonna fail. I haven’t passed a single mock test and my manoeuvres are very worrying. It’s so annoying because I could do all of this stuff a month ago; but lately I’ve been letting the pressure get to me! So yeah, I’m nervous but I’m also expecting a fail.
Monday 11th June – Test Day!
I PASSED!! I don’t know how or why, but somehow I passed with only 4 minors! Plus, the test lady said it was a pleasant drive! I am soooooo happy and surprised! I just can’t believe it!
Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.
H x

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