My Confidence Makeover…

Something that I’ve always struggled with in my self-confidence. I’ve mentioned this before on my blog when I celebrated it’s one year birthday, but that was quite a while ago now. But, until recently, I didn’t actually realise how much my confidence has grown over the last year or so.
Take this photo for example.

This time last year I couldn’t even (literally) face a camera. Many of the photos I posted were pictures of the back of my head or (rarely) selfies. I just had absolutely 0 confidence in myself and my body, and I didn’t want those insecurities to be open to judgement on the internet.
However, I said in my Learning To Love Myself post that I wanted to start finding 3 things that I liked about myself in the mirror each morning. Whether that was as simple as wearing some sassy earrings for the day, or learning to accept my own reflection, I was determined to find something.
And, I found it a little hard. Some days, I’ll admit, I struggled to find anything at all that I liked. But, after doing this weird little ritual for a while, I actually found it making it’s way into my subconscious.
Now, I don’t have to stand in front of a mirror and think specifically about what I like in order to make myself feel better. Now, I do it without thinking. I’ll look in the mirror to do my makeup and find myself thinking about how good my skin looks today. Or I’ll check that my outfit goes in the mirror and think ‘wow these trousers look good on me’. I’ve finally started complimenting myself a little, and it feels good!
And, it certainly shows how much my confidence has grown in photos. This weekend whilst taking photos with Zack, I found that I didn’t feel self conscious. Even though we were in places where there were people around, I didn’t tell him to try and hide the camera out of embarrassment.
I felt happy and confident and care free, and I think it really shows in the shots that we got!
Something else that I often used to do (without realising) was blink whilst having my photo taken. I think this was a kind of nervous twitch, as it always seemed to happen when the camera clicked (much to Zack’s great annoyance). This also didn’t happen no where near as much as it has done in previous shoots, I just felt happy and relaxed!
Plus, we managed to shoot 4 outfits in 2 hours which is pretty good going for us! We didn’t have to spend hours getting the perfect shots for one outfit, everything just seem to come together and it worked really well!
So, essentially what I’m trying to say is that it worked! Forcing myself to find things that I like about myself has made me look for the good in myself, rather than focusing on the bad.
When reviewing the photos after our shoot, I found myself thinking ‘oh I really like my hair in this one’ or ‘this looks really cool’ rather than thinking about all of the things that I hate. It’s really changed my outlook on myself, and I’m really enjoying the confidence boost that it’s given me.
So, if you’re struggling with self confidence, why not try this technique? I’d love to hear if it works for you!
H x

19 thoughts on “My Confidence Makeover…

  1. Reading this makes me really happy for you! You are SO RIGHT! We can train ourselves to think in a different way. It takes practice, but it starts to become second nature. It works not only for self-esteem, but for everything. I have worked hard to think about the positives in all situations. It sure makes for a happier life! <3

  2. Oh Hayley, this post made me so happy! Finding self-confidence is such a struggle so I feel you, but honestly you are so inspiring in this post and you don’t have a single thing to be self-conscious about at *all*. You literally look incredible and I meant it the other day when I tweeted to say how amazing your Instagram content is. It’s so wonderful to see you feeling more confident! I’ve struggled with the way I look for years and years, so I’m going to give your technique a whirl!
    Kate x

  3. I looove that you’re getting your confidence up – seeing people confident and happy in their own skin makes me feel happy too! I really want to take some new photos for my blog soon (the one I use everywhere is one from about 2 years ago!) and I need to feel less embarrassed about having my photos taken. You’ve inspired me!

  4. It’s so wonderful to hear that your confidence is blooming! The difference between you when I first got to know you through blogging and how you are now is really remarkable! I remember when you didn’t even reveal your name on twitter and now you have the most gorgeous Instagram feed full of stunning outfit photos! You and Zack seem to be the ultimate blog photography team! I hope that your confidence continues to soar!
    Abbey xoxox

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