cropped-fullsizeoutput_87a.jpeg*que Shane Ward belting THAT’S MY GOAAAAAAAL*
Okay, so I think it’s about time to talk about this now.
To be completely honest, I think Zack is the only person that actually knows this, or that I’ve actually admitted this too. There seems to be some weird stigma about this within the blogging community, but I just don’t understand why.
So, *deep breath*.
I’m coming up to the end of my second year at uni now, so I definitely needy to start thinking about the future. I’ll be honest, I have absolutely 0 idea what is going to happen yet, but I do know what I tell people when they ask. Before I came to uni, ‘I want to be an English teacher’ used to be my default. I’d always loved English, but even just going to uni where I am from is not very common, so going to university to do an English degree was hard to justify. But, what job do you need a degree for? A teacher. (Yes, there are exceptions, but I’m not here to talk about that).
And, to be honest, I even began to believe myself that this is what I wanted. It just seemed like an easy route as I knew exactly what I needed to do to get there, and the classroom setting is so familiar to me that it felt natural. So, I decided to get *lots* of work experience in this area ready for when I eventually became an English teacher.
But, towards the end of my final year at sixth form, it was quickly becoming apparent that I did not want to be a teacher.
Again, I scrambled around for ideas, and tried to get work experience doing what I could.  This led me to two major discoveries;

  1. Online writing- I wrote a few posts online for a photography magazine and fell in love with it.
  2. The World of PR- I did my work experience in PR and I just adored it.

So, I had a new plan; I wanted to work within PR.
And, I started a lil’ blog on the side to satisfy that writing itch. (Hint: you’re currently reading it.)
As my blog grew, I began to consider Blogger Outreach as a possible career path. It’s something diverse, exciting and up-and-coming; which seems perfect to me!
And, don’t get me wrong, this post is not me telling you that I had some weird epiphany where I figured it all out, because I did not. I still do not know where I want to go or what I want to do but, if I am being completely honest, I know what my biggest goal is now.
My biggest goal is to be a full-time blogger. I love my blog, and blogging and influencing inspires me every single day; and this becoming my full-time career would be the best future that I can see for myself. And I can just never get enough of blogging either. Every time I think that I am out of ideas, I am inspired by something new. I just love it; and I would love for this to be my everyday reality.
And, as I said, I have no idea where I will go or what I will end up doing, but I thought it was time to start admitting to myself (and everyone else) what my actual goal is.
H x