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My Advice To Freshers

Dear Freshers,

As I am now about to embark on my final year, I feel like I’ve definitely come across things that I wish I could’ve done differently. So, if you’re starting university this year, this post is for you. Hopefully you don’t enter your third year with the same regrets as I am!

Don’t Go Home In The First Few Weeks

It’s perfectly normal to feel homesick, but going home will make it feel worse rather than better. Give yourself time to settle into your new surroundings before you go home for a visit. If you’re that desperate to see your family, maybe ask them to come to you as that will make it a bit easier. 

Talk To Everyone At First

Socialise as much as possible! You can narrow down your friendship groups  and find who you want to be friends with later on, but university is all about making connections, so make as many of them as possible in your first few weeks.

Join A Society

I didn’t want to join a society, so I didn’t. But, it’s one of my biggest regrets. Just join something! You might end up hating it and leaving or loving it, but at least you have something.

Find Out What Support Your University Offers

It’s better to find this stuff out and have it in the back of your head right at the beginning; you never know when you may need it!

Attend Everything To Begin With

Generally, I attend all lectures and seminars anyway because losing attendance is not worth it. But, I do know people who skip the first lecture off the term because it’s ‘just an intro’. These are the same people who spend the next few weeks stressing that they cannot find the reading lists or get surprised at the end of term with the exam and it’s just not worth it. Your intro lectures are the best place to get your information for the upcoming term, so don’t skip them!!

Be Nice To Your Personal Tutor

Not all universities have a personal tutor scheme, but if they do then this person will become the best person for you to go to over the next few years, so be nice to them! (And, if you really don’t think it’s going to work with them, then ask to change!).

Spend Your First Year Experimenting With Your Essays

Not so much so that you fail, obviously, but I found that this was the best time to test out different things. To see what it takes to write a good conclusion, or to see what aspects of the course interest you the most, this is your year to find out what works for you.

Register With The Doctor Near Your University

You might think that you won’t need it, but trust me you will never regret doing so!

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

I know that the general advice given to uni students is like ‘CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!!’ but that doesn’t mean that you have to say yes to everything. It’s totally okay to say no too, and you shouldn’t feel bad for it.

Don’t Commit To Sharing A House With People You Met In Freshers

I mean, if they’re still your friends after freshers, then obviously get it sorted but don’t feel rushed into signing a contract by panicking that you won’t be able to get a house if you don’t. There are always plenty of houses, and plenty of options, don’t feel rushed into a decision that could make the next year of your life awful!

Don’t Worry If It’s Not The Best Year Of Your Life

I hope that you do, but it’s okay (and actually pretty normal) if you don’t.


H x

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