Ok, so to be completely honest, I’ve never ever ever written a 5 year plan before! However, as I’m 18 now and about to begin a new chapter of my life, I’ve decided to write a little blog post about where I want to be in 5 years time!
5 Years From Now…
I will be 23. I’m hoping that I will have graduated from University or be graduating in the next year with a good grade that I’m proud of. I’m hoping I will have made some life long friends from University. I’m hoping to have a job, whether that just be a small part time job or the beginning of my career. I’m hoping to have been back to America. I’m hoping to be living with my current boyfriend, probably in a rented apartment. I’m hoping that I will have passed my driving test (I haven’t even started lessons or theory yet!). I’m hoping to at least have tried Bollywood Dancing and to speak a little bit of a different language, perhaps Japanese. I’m also hoping to have learnt sign language. In terms of my blog, I’m hoping that my following has grown a little and that I’m still regularly blogging, and still enjoying it! I hope to have attended at least one blog event by then and to be a lot better at blog photography (oops). In 5 years, I’m hoping that I’ve finally mastered winged eyeliner and have found the perfect denim jacket (I’ve been looking for a while!). I hope my family are all happy and healthy, and that my eldest brother has made some good decisions in his life and is happy with the life he is creating (he will be 20!). I hope my little brother, who will be 5, is enjoying his time at school and I hope he is happy at home. I hope that both of my parents are on good terms with each other and are both happy in their lives. I’m hoping that my boyfriend has a job that he really enjoys, and that he still plans his future with me. I’m also hoping that I’ve gotten better at dealing with anxiety, and when I think of how far I’ve come already in these 3 years I really hope that I’ve further improved. And I’m hoping that the world has settled down and isn’t as scary as it is right now.
Thanks for reading,
H x