My 7 Summer Must-Haves

IMG_5728Ahhh.. Summer.. nice to see you again.
As the weather (hopefully) gets hotter, there’s 7 things that I simply must-have to get me through the season (apart from things like hay fever tablets and a crap-tonne of deodorant, of course).
1. Comfy Sandals
There is NOTHING worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes, but I feel like we’ve all been there! I tend to live in trainers most of the year, but when it comes to summer I like to get my toes out (even if my big one does resemble a spoon according to my brother). A good pair of sandals is perfect for this- and they provide good ventilation too!
I’ve been loving this pair from peacocks so far this season. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure whether they were too Jesus, but they’re definitely growing on me and they’re comfy AF.
2. A Good Moisturising Conditioner
I wrote a review of the Yes To Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner recently, but this moisturising goodness is even more important in the summer! The ends of my hair tend to get very, very dry as the weather heats up, so a good conditioner such as the Yes To one is a must-have!
3. A Hobby
Like, yup, seriously. I have GOT to have a hobby when it gets to summer, otherwise I just get bored! After all, that is how my blog started! I’ve also tried (and failed) to teach myself Japanese and British Sign Language, amongst many other ventures. The blog is the only one that’s stuck for now, but I will probably need to try something new this summer to keep me occupied seen as I do not have many plans at all!
4. A Good Face Oil
Again, moisturising is very important for my skin in Summer otherwise it gets super dry and horrible. The essentialle revival nectar is still my absolute fave and my go-to for a face oil! It’s a little expensive, but it really works, plus it’s cruelty free, so definitely a win-win!
5. A Cute Swimsuit
Ahhhh.. swimsuit season. I mean, some people wear swimming costumes all year around, but typically I only ever need mine in the summer-time. I’m not the most body-confident person you’ll ever meet (I am working on it though), so it’s really important to me to have a swimming costume that fits me well and makes me feel happy- so that I am not concerned with how I look all day, and can just enjoy myself instead! I actually bought a strapless swimming costume last year from ASOS similar to this one, and it’s just my favourite. It holds everything in without any uncomfortable wires so I can wear it all-day long, and the black makes me feel confident and (dare I say) sexy in it. I’m not really going anywhere to need new swimwear this year, but if I was I would definitely be trying out some styles similar to this one!
6. A Good Bronzer
We all wanna look like a super-summer bronzed goddess, right?! A good bronzer can do this effortlessly! I’ve been loving this one from St Tropez so far this summer. I just swirl my brush about in it (no time for selecting the individual colours) and bronze up my face. It’s got a slight shimmer to it too, so gives a lovely bronzed glow!
7. A Good Face Palette
Because, ultimately, when it comes to summer makeup, I don’t really do that much to my face as I am *probably* going to sweat it off anyway (just being honest). So, I get a bit lazy and lax with my makeup routine meaning that a face palette such as this one by NYX that combines eyebrows, eyeshadows, bronze shades and highlights all in one palette becomes my go-to!
What are your summer must-haves?! I’d love to know in the comments!
H x

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