As some of you may, or may not, know about me, I am a total film lover. Me and my boyfriend love the cinema and are very regular visitors, so when a Jojo Moyes film had just been released, I was itching to see it!
n a complete I-Must-Hold-My-Hands-Up confession, I have not read ‘Me Before You’ nor have I read any other Jojo Moyes book. However, my friend has been telling me about them for years and I’ve always meant to buy and read them, I’m just really forgetful (and I have been incredibly busy with A Levels). So, when I heard that a film was coming out I was intrigued.. And then when I saw the trailer I was excited.. Here are my thoughts on the film!

Quick Heads Up
This post contains NO spoilers!

Well, first of all, I really loved most of the film. I thought the story line was original, the actors were fantastic and the ending actually shocked me, which I definitely did not expect. The direction, by Thea Sharrock, was also very good.
To be very, completely, honest, the main problem I had with the film was the script. In some places, it was absolutely beautiful. There were moments that captured my heart, brought tears to my eyes and really filled me with feelings, which is, after all, what any form of art is supposed to do, make you feel something. But there were also moments that made me absolutely cringe. Some of the lines used were cheesy, stereotypical and, to be honest, annoyed me. This film had all of the potential of being absolutely heart-wrenching and memorable, yet most of my memories are the odd cheesy line which made me want to roll my eyes. Now, as I have not read the book, I cannot be completely sure as to whether this is the style of Jojo Moyes or her scriptwriter. But, either way, I severely disliked it.
Now, onto the good.
Sam Claflin was, as always, absolutely incredible. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to play such a complex character, but his performance was delightfully believable.
This film was also my first ever experience of Emilia Clarke’s work, given that I am not a Game Of Thrones fan (sorry). As the character of Lou, Emilia was charming and hilarious. Her performance really felt real and she really brought heart and dimension to a character that, to be completely honest, was very stereotypical (minus the fashion sense!). I also have absolutely no idea of Emilia Clarke’s background, but she played the role of poor, down to earth, town girl with real justice (I should know, haha!).
Although I am unsure as to whether the audience are intended to like Vanessa Kirby’s character or not, I think I did! Although I did not agree with all of her choices and decisions, she played her role earnestly and really showed the difficulties she must have experienced, which really brought a whole new dimension to the film.
In terms of the film as a whole, I loved the story line. I left the cinema feeling uplifted and educated, I guess. This film did actually make me feel something, which instantly makes it stand out from the rest!
The soundtrack is also beautiful, so even if you do not get the chance to check out the film, I’d fully recommend giving the soundtrack a listen to!

Overall Verdict
4/5 stars
Film was good, actors were charming and story line was beautiful.
It’s just a real shame about the script!
As always,
Thank you so very much for reading.
H x
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