Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Review

*This review is spoiler free*
I’ve got to be honest, when I saw loads of bloggers/influencers attending the premier for this one, I was *a bit* jealous. I don’t usually get jealous over that kind of thing but, wow, attending this premier would’ve been a bloody life dream! I love mamma Mia and it holds so many happy memories for me, so I was so glad that I finally got to see the second instalment on tuesday.
I’ll be honest, my expectations were pretty low. Like I said, I love mamma Mia, but the mixed reviews online were making me worry whether this instalment would be up to scratch.
However, as soon as I sat in the cinema and saw the familiar sea and island, I was pretty excited!
And, actually for me, this film DID NOT disappoint!
I mean, yeah, it features a lot of the lesser known ABBA songs. But, what were you expecting?! Most of the really famous ones were in the first film and a film full of repeats would be boring! It was nice to see favourites such as Waterloo and fernando come to life, as well as ballads that I haven’t heard before but still thoroughly enjoyed!
I absolutely adored Lily James who played young Donna. I was worried about whether I’d like her or not because those are very big shoes to fill! But she did absolutely brilliantly and captured the essence of Donna perfectly, it was almost as if it was Meryl Streep herself a few decades ago! Plus her voice is absolutely gorgeous. I already knew this from Cinderella, of course, but damn she really made an impact in mamma Mia!
I honestly just fell in love with her character. And her fashion sense was absolutely impeccable. It’s definitely made me want to move to a Greek island with Zack and dress like young Donna because wowwwwww, all of the heart eyes.
I just loved the story of young Donna from start to finish. It explained all the missing pieces from the first film, as well as giving us a glimpse at what her life was like before Sophie, and it perfectly interlinked with the present day and Sophie’s own story.
And, of course, all of the characters from the first film were just as charming as ever!
I feel like this was the perfect way to do a sequel. Yes, it was a bit cheesy and yes, some bits were a bit forced so that the songs fit, but it was reminiscent of the first in those ways! In fact, it was like a grown up version of the first. It had a lot more emotion within the plot and a few tears were shed by cinema-goers, but it works absolutely perfectly as a sequel to the classic!
I mean, yes, there are a few plot holes. But, all in all, I loved it. It gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings that mamma Mia always has, and I couldn’t have been happier with a sequel if I tried!
Have you been to see it yet? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!
H x

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