Love Island Final Thoughts; Megan's Glow Up, Jani's Win and More

Okay, so I know that I haven’t really blogged about Love Island, but that’s basically because I’ve been a bit lazy with blogging over the last few months. I wrote one post about Megan and how we’ve all had a friend like her before, and I still stand by that. But, I did really want to share my final thoughts, so strap yourselves in for a ride, kids.
To begin with, let’s address the elephant in the room; Megan. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t her biggest fan. What she did to Laura was nasty, but if Laura can forgive her then so can I. I feel like, out of all of this year’s contestants, Megan and Laura have been on the biggest journeys. I mean, Megan is actually beaming every single day lately and it’s lovely to see. I don’t think she thought twice about Laura when she stole Wes, but I think we can put that down to the fact that she’s never had a true friendship with a girl, and you can see how this has affected her life.
I mean, just look how much the friendship with the girls has meant to her these past few weeks. She’s opened up to them and I feel like we’ve finally seen the true her and I am honestly so pleased for her. She even cried at all of the declarations, not just her own. You can tell how much she loves these people, and I honestly think that this is the first time she has experienced true, girl-on-girl friendship.
And, she has blossomed because of it. It’s brought out a new side of her that’s funny, more relaxed, and most importantly happy.
Honestly, I think that Meg’s had a rough ride at times. But she has bared her insecurities on national television and, hell, that must have taken a lot. You can tell how much Wes’ parents liking her actually mattered to her and I just think that she’s come so far from when she entered the villa.
And, no, I’m not certain that her relationship with Wes will last forever. I feel like it’s still quite early on for the both of them and I worry that their differing lifestyles might make things different, but I do think that they love each other. And, I also do think that this is the love that Meg needs to progress with her life. She’s been with the same types of guy before, she’s admitted that, and this finally shows her that she can be loved for who she actually is, not just what she looks like. Honestly, I feel like this will have been the best experience of her life, and not just because of all of the teeth whitening sponsorships. #spon
As for Jani, obviously I am ecstatic that they won!! The rightful winners, of course, and I cannot bloody wait for their relationship to blossom. All I’m saying is that they BETTER get their own show; it’s only right, DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE! I can honestly see them staying together forever and having loads of babies and still being just as lovely and in love as they are now in like 60 years time when they’ve got grandkids running around, and I would probs still watch a reality show about them then, to be honest.
I find it difficult to imagine Dr Alex or Wes returning to their careers after the show, which is a shame. But, I’m sure that they will have a whole new “influencer” career to keep them busy, along with all of the other islanders, of course.
I am a big fan of Wes, actually. I wasn’t keen on the whole kissing Meg like 2 mins after dumping Laura scandal, but he has definitely grown on me. I felt for him when he returned to the villa to find Meg had gone with new Alex and I feel like he has genuine feelings for Meg, plus he proper made me laugh.
As for Dr Alex, let’s not go there. He showed his true colours in the end and I’m afraid that I didn’t find them appealing.
Laura is another contestant that I feel like has had a real journey in the villa. Yes, she has cried a lot. There’s been times when I’ve loved her and times when I’ve not been keen, but you can’t deny the journey. The only thing with Laura’s journey is that, whilst it has been emotional, I’m not sure we’ve seen much change in her. She has a tendency to get jealous very easily which is understandable, considering that she’s been hurt before, but also a little sad. I mean, she got pretty jealous over Paul being paid to kiss Britney which was just a bit strange, really. But I do wish her the absolute best.
To be honest, I don’t feel like I can comment on whether I think her and Paul will last or not because I don’t feel like I really know the guy very well at all. He didn’t get much air time and had a personality a bit like a soggy bit of kitchen roll, but he makes Laura happy and that makes me happy. I hope that they do last in the real world for Laura’s sake.
Josh and Kaz I find difficult. I really love Kaz, she’s a bloody spice and I can see her going on to do great things. And, likewise, Josh I find absolutely hilarious and can 100% see him with a Boohoo man deal. But, I’m just not convinced by them. Do I think that they’re attracted to each other? Absolutely. But I fear that it may be lust rather than love (I really hope they prove me wrong though!!).
And, as for Alexandra, I am excited for this gal!! She’s absolutely gorgeous and has a lovely heart to match; I’m already willing for her to find her perfect man on the outside!
Other Islanders: Gone, but not forgotten
I really wish this gal lasted longer; they did her dirty there! She’s an absolute sweetheart and I watch her instagram stories religiously, I’m sure she will still do very well for herself!
Yes, I am a loyal Georgia fan. She made some mistakes but she’s a human and I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled as I’m sure we will see lots from her! (I’m already considering that she may get a book deal entitled something like “the L word” or “the meaning of loyal”).
Aw, our little rainbow fish. I hope he’s doing good, whatever he’s doing. Lots of love.
What are your final thoughts? Let me know in the comments!
H x

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